backcountry portable stove has a huge selection of products that are usually listed well below their retail value.  Here’s a good deal on a SOTO Amicus Stove.  The retail price is $39.95 but it’s currently on sale for only $30.  This small canister stove is perfect for taking into the backcountry on a back-pack style hunt.  It’s not too big and has a wind-resistant feature that should help you keep the flame going, conserving fuel in the process!

With spring-loaded pot supports for easy set up, the SOTO Amicus stove is a great solution for year-round backpackers because it combines the reliable convenience of a canister stove with impressive wind-resistant performance. Its burner ledge acts as a windshield, while its concave burner head helps prevent the flame from extinguishing. The Amicus stove employs a unique reliable triple o-ring system for added safety. The stove is is available with a stealth ignitor, which includes a piezo electric ignition unit in a hidden electric line up to the burner surface.

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