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SPOT has updated this deal with an instant rebate instead of needing to mail it in. SPOT Satellite Communicators is offering a great deal this summer. You can get a 50% rebate on SPOT GEN 3 communicators and SPOT TRACE theft-alert and tracking devices. With the instant rebates, the communicator is just $75 and the theft tracker is $50. That is some really cheap piece of mind, and if you actually need it in an emergency, the value is priceless.

The SPOT GEN 3 Satellite GPS Messenger allows you to keep in contact with family, and emergency services, even when you don’t have cell service. The SPOT uses GPS to track your location and send signals and works anywhere with a clear view of the sky. The SOS button will immediately contact emergency services. The help button will contact friends or family with your current location. The message button will send a pre-programmed message with your location, such as “Elk down, come help pack out!”. Get 50% off SPOT communication service instantly when you use the code SUMMERGEN3 at checkout.

The SPOT TRACE is about 2″ x 3″ x 1″ and will track your property when it is moving. This would be great for your ATV, hunting trailer, camper, and hunting truck. You get a message every time it moves. It works best with a clear view of the sky, so you might need to get creative mounting it, but it is weatherproof. Get 50% off SPOT tracking service instantly when you use the code SUMMERTRACE at checkout.

You can also buy the SPOT devices at Amazon or Cabela’s for the same price, but you’ll have to mail in your rebate. I also suggest getting it directly from the manufacturer, in case you have any issues.

  • Deal expires at Tuesday September 3rd, 2019 11:59pm EXPIRED

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