Tenpoint Eclipse RCX Crossbow Package with RangeMaster Pro Scope – Amazon Low Price

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Looking for an awesome crossbow?  If so, you’re in luck!  The Tenpoint Eclipse RCX Crossbow is loaded with high-end features and comes with a scope that retails for $299.99 by itself!  This crossbow package has a retail price of $1,199.99 but look at the price listed above for the current price from Amazon!

TenPoint Eclipse RCX ACUdraw Crossbow Package:

  • Up to 370 fps when using TenPoint Pro Lite Bolts
  • ACUdraw cocking aid provides a consistent, simple draw
  • Reverse-cam RCX Cam System maximizes speed
  • Vibration-, noise-reducing String Dampening Rods
  • Dry-Fire Inhibitor and a 3-1/2-lb. auto-engaging trigger safety

TenPoint’s Eclipse RCX ACUdraw Crossbow Package is paving the way for a new generation of crossbows. Reverse-cam RCX Cam System teams with 10.5″ RCX limbs and Brownell Rhino strings and cables to deliver bolt speeds up to 350 fps while maintaining a lightweight, compact frame and low 140-lb. draw weight. Machined aluminum riser provides rigidity while keeping weight to a minimum. Over-the-Top limb pockets and Zytel Limb Suspension System keep the limbs from contacting the riser directly, teaming with pre-installed String Dampening Rods (SDR) to reduce noise and vibration. Lightweight carbon-injected polymer barrel and Functionally Superior Bullpup (FSB) stock features a comb for a solid cheek weld and weight-reducing cut outs. Rubber barrel-bedding inserts along with rubber wings that keep your fingers out of harm’s way further reduce vibration and noise. Dry-Fire Inhibitor (DFI) and a 3.5-lb. auto-engaging trigger safety maximize safety. ACUdraw cocking mechanism enhances accuracy by ensuring a consistent draw, plus it reduces the drawing effort so that anyone can cock it safely.

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