Tethrd Saddle Hunting Gear – Save 10%

best saddle hunting gear deal

Tethrd is offering 10% off right now, so be sure to take advantage of this limited-time offer.  Also, if you stop by one of their trade show events, you might even find a better deal than the online price! There’s no coupon code necessary and the discounts are shown on the website.

Check for discounts on some of the following Tethrd items

  • Tethrd Predator Platform
  • Tethrd SYS Hauler
  • Tethrd Menace Saddle
  • Tethrd Knee Pads Tan
  • Tethrd MVP Saddle Regular
  • Tethrd Predator Platform XL
  • Tethrd Phantom Saddle Tan
  • Tethrd LockDown Saddle Regular
  • Tethrd Knushion Knee Cushion Tan
  • Tethrd SYS Hauler ES OG
  • Tethrd SYS Hauler ES 2.0
  • Tethrd Ropeman 1 Bundle Black
  • Tethrd Skeletors Climbing Sticks 4/ct
  • Tethrd 8mm Tree Tether Kit with Carabiner
  • Tethrd 8mm Lineman Belt Kit with Carabiner
  • Tethrd Versa Links Strap Grey 4/ct
  • Tethrd HYS Strap Gear Hanger Coyote Tan
  • Tethrd Phantom Saddle Kit Two 11mm Ropes and Caribiners Regular Size
  • Tethrd Phantom Saddle Kit Two 11mm Ropes and Caribiners XL Size
  • Deal expires at EXPIRED

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