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Finally, Thermacell ProFlex Heated Insoles at an affordable price!  My wife and I each have a pair of them and we love them for cold weather.  They’re comfortable and keep my feet warm on the coldest of days.  I even mentioned these on a Gear Wish list episode that I was on The Nine Finger Chronicles Podcast.

I prefer a lightweight hiking boot or slip-on rubber boot most of the season and these allow me to stay warm, even when the temperature drops to below freezing.  Simply remove the factory insole and replace it with the Thermacell ProFlex Heated Insole and keep the remote handy.  I would recommend picking up an extra set of batteries for those all day sits though.  I don’t recall the average run-time, but you’ll want to be prepared.

The ProFlex model is more expensive than the original, but it offers more flexibility and is much more comfortable while walking to and from your stand.  I recommend this product 100% to anyone looking to keep their feet warm this season.  They offer a wide variety of sizes to accommodate nearly every shoe size, so don’t worry.  I did notice that prices can vary between sizes, so be prepared to pay more or less for the size of your choice.  (It’s that old supply and demand thing from economics class.  The more common sizes often have a higher demand and therefore harder to keep in stock, therefore you can keep the prices higher than the sizes that aren’t as common).


  • 100% Polyethylene
  • Recharges at least 500 times
  • Recharges in 4 hours
  • Operated by small wireless remote control
  • Can be trimmed to fit almost any shoe
  • Water-resistant


  • Deal expires at EXPIRED

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