Thermacell Repellant Max Life Refills- 120 Hours- Amazon Low Price

max life thermacell refills

Now may not be the time in which you need to use a Thermacell to drive the mosquitoes away, however, it is the perfect time to stock up on the refills and save a bunch of money in the process! The lowest price we have seen all-time is $22.29 and really anything under $30 will save you big time over the big box stores.

Thermacell can be a life saver when you hit the timber, or when you are just hanging out in the back yard. One common complaint with Thermacell is using up mats and butane cartridges too quickly. To meet customer demand, Themacell developed the Max Life scent pads. The result is a pad that is designed to last the same amount of time as the butane cartridge and needs to be changed less. The reviews are a mixed bag as to whether they last longer or not. It is smart to compare the L-4 Max Life Refill Pack on Amazon with the R-4 refills, here. If your experience says these last longer, then go for it. Prices vary on Amazon so see the image below for the current Amazon price.

  • 120-hours of insect protection
  • 30 insect repellent mats
  • 10 butane cartridges
  • 15′ x 15′ Protection Zone
  • Deal expires at EXPIRED

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