Evolved Throw and Gro Food Plot Seed- Amazon Deal

no till food plot

Throw & Gro No-Till Forage from Evolved is available on Amazon at a great price with free Prime shipping. This seed blend is perfect to a hidden plot where you can’t get equipment, or for a quick set-up for bow season. The reviews are spotty, but read them in context. Make sure you have decent soil quality, plenty of sunlight, and good seed to soil contact. This 5-pound bag is enough for 1 1/4-acre food plot. It retails for $14.99, but look to save 25% or more. Buy it now so you are ready when it’s time to plant. Don’t forget to check “Other Sellers.”

  • WEIGHT:  5 lbs.
  • BLEND:  Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass, Forage Rape, Berseem Clover
  • COVERAGE:  1/4 acre ; 11,000 sq. ft.
  • PLANTING DEPTH:  Less than 1/4″
  • RECOMMENDED FERTILIZER:  60 lbs. of 13-13-13
  • SOIL PH RANGE:  5.5-7.5
  • GROWTH CYCLE:  Annual


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