Trophy Rock 12 lb Blocks – Only $12.99 at Bass Pro

best mineral lick deer deal

First of all, make sure mineral sites (baiting) is legal in your neck of the woods before purchasing.

I’ve been using Trophy Rock products for nearly a decade now and they work me because they attract deer in front of my trail camera.  I utilize mineral sites to take inventory of the deer herd in my area and the high-salt content in a Trophy Rock helps to do just that, attract deer!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that labeling this product a deer mineral is a stretch, but I start all of my mineral sites with a Trophy Rock and add the higher concentrated mineral supplements once the deer are conditioned to the site.  This strategy has worked for nearly a decade for me and it’s worth giving a shot (if legal) in your neck of the woods!  Bass Pro has discounted the 12 pounds Trophy Rock from $17.99 to only $12.99!  Just be cautious with shipping charges.

  • Deal expires at Friday August 7th, 2020 11:59pm EXPIRED
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