Tru-Fire Edge Extreme Buckle Foldback Release – Best Price – $54.95

best price on tru-fire edge extreme buckle foldback release best price has the best price on the Tru-Fire Edge Extreme Buckle Foldback Release.  You can pick one up for only $54.95!  That’s $20 less than retail.  You can also save big on the TRU-FIRE Max Edge Release with Buckle FoldBack, Buckle Black, and pick it up for only $59.99.

Protect your fingers, while retaining accuracy with the Tru-Fire Edge Extreme Buckle Foldback Release (EGEXBF). It fits comfortably over the hand and has a pair of jaws that securely grip a bowstring, allowing archers to easily pull back a nocked arrow. Simply operate the trigger to release and let the shot fly. The head rotates for a full 360 degrees for added flexibility and the length is adjustable with a lock-down screw to keep it in place once selected. This buckle release is made of rugged nylon with a camo print to coordinate with other hunting and archery accessories.

Tru-Fire Edge Extreme Buckle Foldback Release, EGEXBF:

  • Even though it has been scaled back to suit your tastes, the Edge retains the functionality and benefits you expect from Tru-Fire
  • The Edge release line utilizes a linear motion bearing which delivers an extremely smooth trigger feel
  • Pull the trigger back to open the jaws and let up on the trigger to close the jaws
  • Also on the Edge buckle release is a lockdown set screw for length adjustment
  • Once you have the correct length simply tighten the set screw and the length will be locked in place
  • Camo print
  • 360-degree rotating head


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