BOG Field Pod Review

Adrian Jessen

A couple of deer seasons ago, I was going to be hunting in a ground blind quite a bit for the first time. I had done a little turkey hunting from a blind and used hunting sticks, but I knew I wanted to get something a little more stable that would limit my need to “get set up” when it was time to shoot.

I found the BOG Field Pod and have used it for a couple of years now.

*Spoiler Alert* I love it.

bog field pod review

BOG Field Pod

Make your next shot count with the BOG Field Pod. This lightweight tripod is easy to travel with and quick to set up. With numerous available adjustments, you can be sure your rifle or shotgun will be rock-solid.

Price: $124.99

  • Tripod design for sturdy base
  • Portable and collapses easily
  • 42″ of vertical adjustment
  • Front and rear supports
  • Weighs 6 lbs

BOG Field Pod Review | Features

I like several aspects of the BOG Field Pod. First of all, I think it’s a great size and weight. It folds up, compresses down, and is lightweight enough to make it portable. On the flip side, though, it’s heavy enough to be sturdy and stable.

The BOG Field Pod is also very adjustable. The height of the legs can be adjusted, so if you’re sitting on the ground or in a blind chair, you should be able to get your gun to a good shooting height. It does not adjust to a height that would make it appropriate for standing, so just keep that in mind. It also has multiple adjustments to make sure your gun will fit and stay stable while you sit and wait.

My favorite aspect of the BOG Field Pod is that while sitting in the blind, you can have your gun in a ready position the whole time. I was able to use my binos, check in on my husband on my phone, and keep my hands in my warm pockets but not be worried about having to move too quickly to get my gun ready when my buck walked out.

One more benefit to the Field Pod is that you can use it as a shooting practice rest too. It creates a stable enough surface that if you don’t have a shooting bench, this works almost as well. That also means that when that deer walks out and you’re feeling a little shaky, you have some bonus stability too.

bog field pod review

BOG Field Pod Review | Improvements

Even though I really like most aspects of the BOG Field Pod, there are a couple of things I think could be improved. First of all, it only has one loop attachment for the carry strap. This makes it just a bit awkward to carry. BOG could maybe add another loop to make it easier to carry or provide a carry bag like they do with most of their tripods.

The only other thing BOG might be able to improve upon is that the legs could possibly be adjustable to a bit higher position. I’m pretty short (5’4”), so it works for me. But if you’re taller than me, it could be a little difficult to get completely comfortable without leaning way forward.

bog field pod review

BOG Field Pod Review Summary

Generally, I’ve been really happy with my BOG Field Pod. Having it while blind hunting has been a big help to free up my hands for using binos (let’s be real – my phone) and for providing a stable platform for a ready position and for shooting. It retails for around $115-125 depending on where you look, which is definitely worth it to me.

If you want to know more about the BOG Field Pod and see all the FACTS (Fit, As Advertised, Construction & Durability, Testimonials & Review, and Should I Buy This Thing?) check out our complete review on YouTube at Review This Thing.


  • Small enough storage size and lightweight enough to be easy to carry

  • Very adjustable and adjustments are easy to make

  • Very sturdy – provides a reliable surface for stable shooting

  • Provides hands-free ready position of your gun

  • Excellent practice rest


  • A little awkward to carry – doesn’t come with a bag

  • May not be great for tall people

  • Doesn’t work for standing shooting

Ready to buy? You can buy the Bog Field Pod directly from BOG or from a variety of online retailers such as Amazon, Cabela’s, Bass Pro, and Sportsman’s Warehouse.

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