12 Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91BP AA Batteries- Amazon Deal

energizer l91 Lithium aa batteries for trail cameras

Amazon usually has some of the best pricing on Energizer Lithium AA Batteries, but sometimes it’s better than others. I bump the deal to the top when they have a great price. Anything under $1.25/battery is a good deal. If you buy a  couple days ahead of time, you can save a ton over buying them at a local retailer. The lowest price I have seen on 12-packs is $12.99.

Trail cameras run longer and take better night-time pictures using lithium batteries. I am in the process of switching all of mine over. It’s a bigger initial investment, but they last much longer. The price from other sellers won’t show in the image, and sometimes they offer a better price than buying them direct. If you use an “Other Seller”, make sure the seller has good feedback before purchasing. Amazon always stands behind their sellers, and you won’t lose your money, but it’s a good practice anyway. That way you won’t have to hassle with getting a refund.  -Camron

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