15% Off on Merino Wool at SKRE

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SKRE makes great hunting apparel.  High quality, very functional and reasonably priced.  Especially when you get lucky enough to pick up high quality gear at a discounted price.  Currently, you can save 15% off all of the SKRE Merino Wool.  The benefits of using merino wool in the field far out-weigh the cost (in my opinion).  Merino wool doesn’t stink as bad as synthetic fibers do and it really comes in handy on back-country hunts where you might go without a shower for a couple of days.  Merino wool also provides excellent moisture-wicking also.

SKRE currently has seven different pieces of merino wool in their line-up and you can save 15% off on all of it right now.  Here’s a sample:

  • Ibex 300 Beanie
  • Ibex 300 Neck Gaiter
  • Bowen 170 Balaclava
  • Kaibab 170 Top
  • Kaibab 170 Bottom

*The Kanati was designed and crafted as a universal core insulation layer using Superfine Merino wool. At 300 grams per square meter, the Kanati is a power house at maintaining core temperature and is designed to be layered against the skin. No other fabric breathes like Merino wool which is why Merino was the clear choice in constructing this incredible base layer. The fact that merino wool can absorb an astonishing 35% of its weight in water, without feeling wet, and rapidly discharge it into the environment makes it the most breathable material around.

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