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Hunting Gear Deals aims to be your number-one resource for unbiased gear reviews.  If you’re looking for more information on SKRE products, then be sure to check out some of these great reviews featuring SKRE products.  SKRE has an assortment of high-quality hunting apparel and accessories.

Below is a list of SKRE gear reviews to help you in your decision-making process when making future purchases.  I’ll even throw in some blog posts that will help you determine when the best time to buy SKRE might be!

best price on skre kaibab 150 top
SKRE Gear Kaibab 150 Merino Wool Top 1/4 Zipper Review

The Kaibab Merino Top is a versatile long-sleeve shirt designed to be worn independently for excellent thermal regulation and comfort, or worn as a base layer to stay warm in the coldest of temperatures.  The inside is made with superfine Merino wool which provides a comfortable next-to-skin layer guaranteed to wick moisture away from your body while simultaneously keeping you warm and dry.

skre hardscrabble pant reivew
SKRE Gear Hardscrabble Pant Review

The Hardscrabble pant is an excellent all-season hunting pant that has been mountain-tested for durability to ensure quality for all your rugged, dangerous hunting adventures. Crafted using MTN-X2 multi-directional stretch technology, this piece was born to excel at providing comfort and range of motion, while facilitating superior breathability and quietness.

SKRE Gear Hardscrabble Jacket Review

Rich in features and quality, including Teflon Shield+ DWR applied to the face fabric, YKK zippers on all 4 pockets, and a storm hood with dual cord locks to direct rain away from your face keeping you warm and dry. Dual cord locks at the waist allowing for full adjustment and a watertight seal. The Hardscrabble is an excellent outer layer to conquer all the seasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions about SKRE Gear

  1. What is SKRE and what does the brand specialize in?
    • SKRE is a hunting apparel brand built for western hunters but is growing in popularity for whitetail and turkey clothing as well.
  2. What sets SKRE apart from other outdoor gear brands?
    • SKRE does an amazing job of creating customized packaged designed for you hunting style and pursuit.  They make it quick and easy to assemble and kit for your next hunting adventure.
  3. Are SKRE products specifically designed for certain outdoor activities or can they be used for multiple purposes?
    • SKRE offers multi-purpose clothing options, as well as clothing options for specific hunting scenarios.  SKRE offers multi-purpose clothing that can be utilized to during hunts for elk, turkey, deer, antelope, bear, and much more.
  4. What materials are used in SKRE products and what are their advantages?
    • Each product is designed for a purpose, so there’s not just one material for all situations and that’s what makes SKRE great!
  5. Are SKRE products suitable for different weather conditions and climates?
    • Absolutely!  Just make sure you’re using the right clothing for that weather condition.
  6. How durable are SKRE products? Can they withstand rugged outdoor environments?
    • SKRE products are over-engineered for most hunting conditions and if you take care of them, they’ll last you for years.  If not, SKRE offers one of the best, if not THE BEST warranties on hunting clothing in the industry.
  7. Does SKRE offer a wide range of sizing options to accommodate different body types?
    • Sizing options vary and it’s best to try SKRE clothing on before you make an order.  If you happen to order the wrong size, SKRE will typically exchange them without issue.
  8. Are SKRE products lightweight and packable for backpacking and other weight-sensitive activities?
    • SKRE products are ideal for hiking into the backcountry.  They’re some of the best options on the market for lightweight hunting and backpacking apparel.
  9. What kind of technology or innovations does SKRE incorporate into its products?
    • Too many to mention here.  They are the industry standard.
  10. How can I determine the right size and fit for SKRE clothing and gear?
    • See the size chart that SKRE offers on its website.  It’s best to find a nearby trade show to try on multiple options before you make a large investment.  Also, check out in-depth reviews to see how each item fits.
  11. Are there any specific care instructions for maintaining and cleaning SKRE products?
    • See the tag for each garment for more details, especially when dealing with Merino wool.
  12. Does SKRE offer a return or exchange policy?
    • Yes, contact their customer service department for more information.
  13. Where can I find SKRE products and do they have physical retail locations?
    1. The best place to try on SKRE clothing is at local trade shows.  SKRE is a direct-to-consumer company, so you won’t find them in your local sporting goods store.  When it’s time to make an online purchase, please utilize a link from because we earn a small commission from each sale and we offer an exclusive 10% off coupon code to save you the most money.
  14. How does the SKRE Warranty work?
    • Warranty stipulations:
      • Valid only if gear is used for consumer use only
      • Coverage indefinite
      • Proof of purchase must be verified

      Our Warranty covers:

      • All manufactures defects including:
        • Material defects
        • Buttons and buckles
        • Zippers and zipper housing
        • Seams
        • Stitching
        • Peeling
        • Shrinking
        • Delimitation
        • Velcro
      • Craftsmanship defects
      • Accessory defects
      • Tears and Rips

      Our Warranty does not cover:

      • Damage from normal wear and tear
      • Branded Apparel items (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.)

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