Avian X LCD Jake and Hen Decoy Set – $161.99

best deal Avian-X LCD Jake and Hen Combo Turkey Decoys

Sportsman’s Guide has Avian X LCD Jake and Hen Decoy Set on sale for $161.99.  Premium decoys don’t come cheap and it’s nice when you can save a few bucks on a top-of-the-line product.

Raise a little ruckus by setting out this Avian-X LCD Jake and Hen Decoy Combo. Order is everything in the wild turkey world and nothing upsets it quicker or more effectively than a young jake Decoy trying to move in before his time. Pair it with the Feeding Hen Decoy to upset mature toms and get them running in for action.

Half-Strut Jake Decoy:

  • Sub-dominant head position perfectly portrays an intruding young male
  • Perfect feather detail down to the spread and position of individual feathers
  • Relaxed wing position and body posture imitate a young gobbler outside of the pecking order
  • PVC dura-rubber construction
  • Produces realistic movement without unnatural spin
  • Completely collapsible to allow you to easily get to your location and set up your decoys
  • Includes pre-attached beard, storage compression strap, carry bag, and collapsible carbon stake

Feeding Hen Decoy:

  • Durable blow-molded design for seasons of use
  • Relaxed feeding posture signals contentment
  • The true-to-life paint scheme and feather detail
  • Authentic rubber-molded leg stumps
  • Flocked tail section for added realism
  • Handle under decoy for easy carry
  • Realistic movement without unnatural spin
  • Deal expires at EXPIRED

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