avian-x lcd decoy review

Avian-X LCD Turkey Decoy Review

Joey Bell

I’ve been turkey hunting for over 15 years now.  And I, like most other die hard turkey hunters, strive for products that either a) make us more comfortable in the field and allow us to stay out longer or b) increase our odds of getting a bird in range for a shot.  The Avian-X line of turkey decoys does the latter with ease.

Turkey hunting with decoys gives the birds something to keep their eye on instead of looking at you.

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Avian-X LCD Turkey Decoys

From posture to paint, this level of incredible detail and superior realism is simply unmatched. The Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) design folds into a compact, lightweight size for travel and storage. Simply blow up and connect to the collapsible stake for set up.

  • Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD)
  • Easy transport and storage
  • 15% smaller than a real turkey
  • Unmatched realism and detail
  • PVC dura-rubber quiets movements
  • Realistic movement without unnatural spin

I’ve been the proud owner of Avian-X decoys for about five years now and have not even thought about changing decoy brands.  

Here’s what I look for in turkey decoys:

  • Lifelike appearance
  • Collapsible
  • Durable
  • Quick set-up

I’ll go through each one of these and explain why Avian-X covers all aspects I look for.  

Lifelike Appearance

These decoys are impressive from the lifelike realism, the feather detailing, realistic eyes, accurate color scheme and true-to-life body posture.  This combo gives you an effective set that will get that gobbler fired up and coming in.

Along with the realistic colors and feather textures, Avian-X also offers a wide array of postures from hens that are feeding, standing or laydown breeding positions, or a lookout hen to several male decoys that are strutters, ¼ strut jake, ½ strut jake, and also a 2D strutter.

Avian-X recently included color patterns that match Rio Grande and Merriam’s turkeys for western hunters.  

Avian-X Turkey Review


Each decoy is fully collapsible and can be carried in its own bag or stuffed into a pack.  Even though I have folded and crammed my decoys into my truck, pack, etc., there are no creases in the decoys.  That’s a great segway into the next point…


As mentioned above, I’ve thrown and crammed these things into everything over the years and they don’t have the first blemish on them.  They are made from a rugged Dura-Rubber product that allows these inflatable decoys to retain their shape once they are fully inflated.

On the bottom of the decoy is a bicycle tube type valve to both inflate and deflate the decoys. It only takes a couple breaths to inflate.  When I first heard that they were inflatable, I was expecting the same material that beach balls are made of. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised that with two or three good breaths, they were fully inflated and ready for action.  

Another testament of their durability was evident last spring.  I use a feeder hen, a laydown hen, and a ¼ strut jake a couple feet behind the laydown hen.  This set-up has been very, very deadly over the years.

I had a gobbler come charging into my spread, circle my jake a few times, and commence to flogging it to death.  I decided I had watched him get beat up enough so I took my shot and saved the day.

After I looked over my turkey, I checked out my decoys.  They all seemed fine. Even the jake who had taken a merciless beating.  But as I picked up the jake to deflate it and carry it out, I heard it rattle.  Some stray shot had gone into my decoy when I fired.

I thought the worst, thinking that I had ruined my decoy.  But sure enough after I got it home and inflated it once again it was perfectly fine.  I still use it to this day and to this day it still rattles. It’s a great reminder of that hunt.  

Quick Set-up

I mentioned earlier that it only takes a couple of breaths to fully inflate each decoy.  This was relieving because I had nightmares about trying to inflate a decoy and hyperventilating while a boss tom is charging up the hill.  

Another thing that some people don’t think about is the stake.  Avian-X’s stakes are small and lightweight but are sturdy and will go into some hard packed ground with ease.  I really like that aspect because I’ve used a few stakes in the past that needed several smacks with a rock to get in the ground and those same ones were bulky and difficult to store in a pack.  


In my opinion, you get what you pay for with decoys.  Avian-X has provided a decoy that does it all: looks like a turkey, can be stuffed down for transport, can withstand abuse from humans, turkeys, and apparently 12 gauges…, and are quick to set up.  

My trio of decoys (feeder hen, laydown hen, and ¼ strut jake) has helped me tremendously during all phases of the turkey season.  I use them on opening weekend and all through the season until the last day.

I honestly can’t think of any negatives for these decoys other than the price ($80-120).  They are an investment, however. Like I mentioned early in this review, I have used them for five years and have not thought about buying new decoys.  

We’ve all heard the phrase “buy once, cry once”.  Well after using these decoys in the field, the only ones crying will be widowed hen turkeys…   


  • Collapses Easy
  • Extremely Durable
  • Quick Set-up


  • More Expensive than Most Decoys

Ready to buy? Field Supply, Cabela’s, are all good bets. Amazon is our top pick with consistently low prices and the fastest shipping.

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