BONE-DRI Rust Prevention Gun Cases – Save 40% off Site-Wide

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Bone-Dri Rust Prevention Gun Cases – 40% Off

Use the coupon code:  MEMDAY40 at checkout to save 40% off site-wide for Memorial Day!  Bone-Dri Gun Cases are created with Moisture Wicking Material to prevent your guns from rusting.  We’ve all done it!  If you hunt long enough, eventually you’ll throw a wet gun in a case and forget it about it and the inevitable happens.  Moisture creates rust to form on the gun!  Check out our gear review of the Bone-Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case for more information.

Bone Dri gun cases are built to stop this from occurring!  Bone-Dri incorporates a product called Absorbits to wick moisture away from your gun.  Absorbits is a material “sandwich” of encapsulated desiccant packets in moisture-wicking nylon.  The moisture-wicking process ranges between 4 – 24 hour and works like a Portable Dehumidifier that doesn’t need electricity.

Once the Abosrbits do their job, you’ll need to release the moisture by placing it in the sun or dry it with a hair dryer on a low heat setting.   Unlike cheap disposable desiccants that need daily replacement, Absorbits is designed for repeated use and the desiccant inside does not need to be replaced.


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