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Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case Review

Camron Stover

If you hunt long enough, you’ve most likely thrown a wet gun into a case, only to forget about it and find it covered in rust later when you finally remember that your gun is still in the case where you left it.  I’ve done it on more than one occasion, so I’m speaking from experience.  Once rust takes hold, it’s nearly impossible to bring the gun back to its original form again and it can be a death sentence to your favorite family heirloom.

I recently learned about the technology incorporated into Bone-Dri gun cases and knew that I had to try it out for myself.  Bone-Dri incorporates a patented rust prevention product called Absorbits into the material that their gun cases and made from.   This moisture-wicking nylon and a desiccant/silica layer work like a dehumidifier, without the need for a power source.

Below is my review of the Bone-Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case.

Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case

The BONE-DRI Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case is designed for sportsmen, hunters, collectors, and professional shooters who demand and deserve the very best for storing, transporting, and protecting multiple rifles and handguns from rust after exposure to moisture.

Retail: $259.99

■ Rust prevention:  Engineered with Absorbits patented moisture-wicking technology throughout

■ Capacity:  Holds 2 rifles (up to 47″), 2 pistols, and 25 magazines

■  Reusable

■  Lifetime Warranty

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Is my gun protected inside the Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case?

After utilizing the Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case for a couple of months, I feel confident that a moist gun will be safe from rust when stored in this case.   You still need to make an effort to wipe down the rifle before placing it in the case, but it simply works!  The Bone-Dri Case is also great for protecting my rifle while traveling, as it’s relatively heavy and offers a lot of protection.  However, it’s not TSA-approved, so you can’t fly with it.  You could always throw it in a larger gun case or another bag and use it once you get to your destination.  The Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case looks like a soft-sided case, but it’s much heavier thanks to the patented technology that’s incorporated into each case.

Testing the Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case?

What good is a gear review without a test to prove whether or not this product lives up to the hype?  Getting the courage to put a wet gun into the Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case wasn’t easy, so I first tested the case with other hunting products that got wet during a light rain.  I wiped down my Ozonics, Vortex Binos, and Bushnell Rangefinder then sealed it into the case.  To my surprise, each product came out clean and the only sign of moisture was a water spot on the optics.  Other than that, they were bone dry, just as described.

After passing the initial test with flying colors, I sprayed down my son’s Mossberg 500 20 Gauge, then took a rag to wipe ti down before sealing the gun inside.  I remember walking away thinking, this better work or I’m in trouble.  To my delight, the following morning yielded a dry, rust-free gun.

After use, I simply left the case unzipped on the bed of my truck in direct sunlight.  There are no signs of UV damage yet either.

So did it pass the test?  Absolutely.  I followed the directions by wiping down the gun prior to sealing it inside the case and there was no sign of rust anywhere.  This case is an insurance policy for your guns and anything else you can fit inside actually.

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Features of the Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case

  • Capacity:  Holds 2 rifles (up to 47″), 2 pistols, and 25 magazines
  • Peace of mind:  For your firearms post-exposure to moisture
  • Rust prevention:  Engineered with Absorbits patented moisture-wicking technology throughout
  • Durable:  Constructed with heavy-duty industrial 800D PVC nylon
  • Backpack straps
  • Safe:  Lockable Mil Spec zipper sliders on both firearm compartments
  • Versatile:  MOLLE grid, paracord zipper, D-ring, backpack strap, and removable gun rug
  • Lifetime warranty; love it or return it
  • Indefinitely reusable
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What makes Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case Special?

It’s what’s on the inside that counts!  At first look, this might appear to look like any regular old soft-sided gun case but as soon as you pick it up, you’ll feel a weight difference much similar to a nice hard case.  This is due to the patented moisture-wicking technology that’s incorporated into the case to prevent rust.

Is the Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case Reusable?

Yes!  Bone Dri claims that you can utilize rust prevention technology indefinitely.  After use, simply open the gun case and place it directly into the sunlight on a dry/warm day.  Or you can use a hair dryer indoors.  This gun case is reusable and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

You might be wondering why this a soft-side case and not a hard case.  Quite simply, a hard case will not wick-moisture away, it would create an air-tight barrier that wouldn’t allow the moisture to mass through.  That’s why Bone-Dri doesn’t offer a hard-sided gun case.

Here’s a video to demonstrate.

Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case Review Summary

The Bone Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case lived up to the hype and exceeded my expectations.  I put it to the test with multiple products, as well as guns, and each time it passed the test.  Now, I didn’t take a dripping wet gun and put it in there as that’s now the case is designed to be used.  Simply wipe down your gun before putting it inside and then let the case do the rest.

This case feels like an insurance policy for guns.  I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to protect your favorite hunting rifle that’s been passed down from previous generations.  For less than $250, this case is your insurance policy to protect your weapon of choice for years to come.  Heck, with its lifetime guarantee, maybe this case will be a family heirloom someday.


    • Rust prevention that really works!
    • Backpack straps for easy haulage
    • Additional storage compartments for ammo and accessories.
    • Rust preventatives in foam and plastic


    • Not TSA approved
    • Price (but worth it if you save just one gun from rusting)

Ready to buy?  You can buy directly from Bone-Dri or on Amazon.

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