Plano Fieldlocker Small Compound Bow Case- Amazon Deal

travel bow hard case

Amazon has a great deal right now on the Plano Fieldlocker Hard Case for compound bows. Time for some honesty… This case costs more than my bow is worth , so I won’t be purchasing it. If you hunt with a real bow, purchased in the last 10 years, then you obviously don’t share my pain. You might want to protect that investment. Not only from damage, but also to keep it in tune. The Fieldlocker offers MIL-spec protection, a Dri-lock gasket, and inline wheels. It’s like Fort Knox for your bow. There is a great video on the Amazon page if you want more information. If 150 of you buy this case with my link, I’ll be able to buy a nice new bow. The current Amazon price is below. Anything under $170 is a great price for a case that retails for $300.

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