XOP Vanish Evolution Treestand (2020 Model) – Amazon Deal

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Xtreme Outdoor Products specializes in making treestands that utilize a lighter platform design and a patented sound deadening cast aluminum I-beam center. Their hang-on stands are not only stronger and lighter than any of the other comparable stands on the market, but the I-beam eliminates all possible resonation of sound. The XOP Vanish Evolution only weighs 12 pounds and would be the perfect addition to the mobile hunter’s arsenal.  Don’t forget to sign up for our Daily Deal Email so that you never miss a deal!


  • Weight rating of 350 pounds
  • Includes 2 oversized polyester belts with XL Cam buckle
  • In-cast bow holder and accessory hooks
  • Ultimate offset capability for those crooked trees and includes a TMA approved 6 point fall arrest system
  • Dual functioning tri layer compression foam seat pad, for all day comfort
  • Basic Backpack Straps
  • Indestructible Heat treated steel Fast strap buttons
  • XOP green finish
  • New patented I beam technology
  • Ultimate offset capability, for those crooked trees


  • Stand Dimensions: 27” x 19”
  • Stand Weight: 11.5 lbs, Ready to hunt 13.5 lbs (Cam Straps, Cushion & 6-Point Bracket)

Also, don’t forget about the Quick Connect brackets that XOP makes offers.  They’re great for pre-hunt set-ups where you don’t feel comfortable leaving the stand.  Also, you can use this bracket and stand combo as a perfect combination for a cameraman treestand.


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