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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Sitka Gear for Your Next Hunt

Sitka Gear isn’t just a clothing company, Sitka Gear is a company dedicated to improving the quality of your hunting experience through industry-leading innovation in every product that they make. Whether you’re looking for the best deal on Sitka Gear or researching new Sitka Gear products before purchasing, this article will help you decide which products are best for you and your hunting application.

Early Season Sitka Gear Guide – Temp 65F or Greater

Early Season hunts often produce temperatures exceeding 70 degrees in most areas in the whitetail’s range and finding the perfect clothing options for a warm-weather hunts can be difficult.  Sitka’s Early Season Whitetail pants and shirt are designed for warm weather by keeping you cool by effectively wicking moisture away from your skin. 

If temperatures are expected to fluctuate, you might need an additional layer. If so, try the Core Merino Lightweight hoodie and bottoms. Merino wool exceeds other materials in this type of climate by wicking away moisture and it doesn’t stink nearly as bad as synthetic fibers.

There are some other great options for base layers, including the Core Lightweight Crew Short Sleeve Shirt and the Core Lightweight Hoody. The Core Lightweight Hoody is designed with a built-in facemask in the hood, which is perfect for concealing your face when in-range of a deer. If gloves are a must, check out Sitka’s lightest glove, the ESW Whitetail Glove.

Mid-Season Sitka Gear Guide- Temp: 65F to 30F

The Stratus line-up is the most versatile part of the Sitka Whitetail line-up. When temperatures begin to drop after the Early Season, throw on the Stratus Jacket and Pants (or Bibs) and customize the base layers to the anticipated temperatures for the day’s hunt. The Sitka Stratus line should carry you through the majority of the whitetail season, in most areas of the country.

The Stratus line is perfect when temperatures are between 30 to 60 degrees. However, dressing in layers is the key, which is exactly why there are several different options for base layers listed below. The easiest way to pick the correct base layer for the hunt is to dress according to the specific temperature ranges for the day. 

One of the most under-rated products in this list is the Celsius Shacket.  Unfortunately, the Celsius Shacket has been discontinued but if you shop around, you can still pick one up relatively cheap.  Don’t let the goofy look fool you, this jacket is perfect for layering, especially for a bowhunter. Stuff the Celsius Shacket in your pack on the way to your treestand and after you cool down a little from the hike in, layer it under the Stratus Jacket to keep warm on cold mornings. The Celsius Shacket is lightweight, warm, and packable! As for the short sleeve look, science proves that you do not need the extra layer between the elbow and wrist, so why bother with the bulk if you don’t have too.  If you can’t find the Celsius Shacket, check out the full-length sleeve of the Celsius Jacket instead.

When trying to choose between Merino Wool or synthetic, keep in mind that Merino Wool is a little bit more costly. However, if you’re an active, run and gun hunter, you can’t go wrong with Merino Wool base layers. Also, it’s a good idea to have multiple sets of base layers. This will keep you from having to do laundry as often and improve your scent control practices.  Merino Wool doesn’t stink as bad as synthetic fibers also.


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Base Layer:

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Late-Season Sitka Gear Guide- Temp: 40F and Below

When temperatures fall below 40 degrees, break out the Fanatic Jacket and Bibs. Good luck walking to the stand though, because the Fanatic line-up is extremely warm! The Fanatic Jacket and Pants may seem a bit bulky but the weight-warmth ratio is great!  Also, Sitka recently updated the exterior fabric to be more burr-resistant and quieter. 

Try layering the Fanatic Hoodie and heavyweight bottoms under the Fanatic Line. If additional warmth is needed in your upper body, go with the Stratus Vest mentioned above. The Fanatic Jacket isn’t equipped with a hood. So, be sure to pick up the neck gaiter and beanie to keep your head warm.  

You may be able to save a little money on gloves, thanks to the Fanatic Jacket’s built-in pass-through hand muff lined in Berber fleece pocket that provides exceptional warmth.  The Fanatic glove provides the greatest dexterity but the Incinerator Flip Mitt is much warmer!  

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