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Top 15 Hunting YouTube Channels with the Most Subscribers

Below is a list of the Top 15 Hunting YouTube Channels with the most subscribers.

biggest hunting youtube channel

Deer Meat for Dinner – 3.43 Million

Up first is Rob Arrington who fishes and hunts and documents it all for his 3.43 million YouTube Subscribers to see.  There’s more fishing content that hunting content, but that’s because he’s producing content all year long and there’s more fishing opportunities than hunting opportunities when you incorporate your friends and family as much as he does. The Deer Meat for Dinner channel is notorious for its Catch-Clean-Cook videos and he tops our list as of May 2024.

Kendall Gray – 3.16 Million Subscribers

This goofy YouTuber has amassed quite the audience, coming in second on our list with 3.16 Million YouTube subscribers and growing daily.  His content varies from flintlock hunting to shooting squirrels with an air rifle in his backyard.  You might not learn a lot of in-depth hunting knowledge, but he’ll keep you entertained along the way.

Bowmar Bowhunting – 2.1 Million Subscribers

Josh and Sarah Bowmar burst onto the scene thanks to Josh’s bear kill video with a spear.  Josh Bowmar is the most controversial hunter on our list as he’s been in trouble with the law in recent years due to a baiting violation with an outfitter.  Guilty or not, that’s not for you and me to decide.  Josh brings high-quality video content and he’s killed some giant bucks in recent years.  The Bowmar’s are both known for their fitness, which is how they ended up signing with Under Armour years ago, but Josh’s bear video messed that deal up and Under Armour nearly left the hunting industry because of it.

Ultimate Night Vision – 1.84 Million Subscribers

The most popular predator hunting channel on YouTube is Ultimate Night Vision.  This channel will keep you entertained and educated on high-quality thermals and night-vision optics.   Some of their footage is unreal and they putting out fresh content all of the time.  If you’re interested in hunting coyotes, hogs, or other predators, you can’t miss their YouTube videos.


Tim Wells Bow Hunter – 1.52 Million Subscribers

Tim Wells from Relentless Pursuit has etched his name in hunting lore thanks to his unique hunting style.  Whether he’s killing bears with a blow gun or an African game with a spear, Tim is someone who will keep you entertained for hours.  Tim went viral years ago because of an African hunt that went south quick.  Tim was hunting with a spear from a tree and had to climb down from the tree but left his spear in the tree.  As he climbed down, the spear fell, piercing his leg and nearly taking his life.  This was all captured on video too!  Watch out for catch phrases from the Slockmaster, such as “Big Louey” or “Slocked Him”!

steve rinella

Meateater – 1.4 Million Subscribers

The most revolutionary name on our list might not have the highest YouTube subscriber count, but Steven Rinella has made his biggest impact on Netflix.  Steve’s documentary-style voiceovers for his hunting excursions are unique and this is a great channel to introduce someone to the idea of hunting.  Meateater explains things in a way that attracts both non-hunters, as well as diehard hunters like you and me.

biggest urban buck ever killed

SEEK ONE – 813,000+ Subscribers

The most unique hunting-style in the hunting industry comes from urban areas, such as Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia.  The guys from Seek One have killed the biggest bucks in the country in people’s backyards, all on video!  These guys have put Urban Deer Hunting on the map, thanks to their Iowa-like deer they’re killing each and every season.

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The Hunting Public – 656,000+ Subscribers

Zach and Aaron have revolutionized the hunting industry thanks in part to their success and dedication to hunting public land.  These guys grind out season after season chasing deer, elk, turkey, and other wild game on public land.  They’re average guys killing average bucks for the most part.  You’ll learn a lot from Zach and Aaron and they put out a ton of content to keep you engaged all season long.  They produce content really quickly too, publishing content as early as the next day after a successful hunt.

cam hanes bowhunting youtube

Cameron Hanes – 483,000 Subscribers

Cam Hanes is a beast!  His dedication to personal fitness carved out his place in the hunting industry as an extreme athlete that loves shooting his bow and chasing elk.  Cam is best friends with Joe Rogan, which certainly helps his popularity, but he’s good at what at he does on the mountain as well.

Canada in the Rough – 461,000 Subscribers

This channel isn’t comprised of on particular person but a lot of viral compilation videos.  If you want to see successful hunts and don’t care about the details that went into making the hunt a success, then this channel is something that you’ll like.  Anyone can produce a channel like this if you have time, they’re just doing it very well.

HUSHIN – 425,000 Subscribers

Western big game hunting videos aren’t easy to film but these have made a career out of killing elk in the mountains.  HUSHIN has a loyal following because of how good they are with a camera.  If you’re going elk hunting, you’ll want to dive deep into their videos and learn as much as you can about Mountain Hunting.

Drury Outdoors – 336,000 Subscribers

If there’s any name on this list that doesn’t need an introduction, it’s Mark and Terry Drury.  These guys have been a staple of the hunting industry for years and are known for their knowledge of big bucks.  Each season, the Mad Scientist puts down big buck after big buck on his own properties.  He’s putting together management strategies and it’s paying dividends each and every season. If you like big bucks, you’ll love their channel.

Chris Bee – 330,000 Subscribers

The only professional archer on our list, Chris Bee from BeeReal has amassed quite the audience in part to his knowledge and success with a bow.  Whether it’s on the range or in the field, Chris does a great job of educating the audience on archery techniques, and bring you along on the range, as well as the hunt.  The guy can certainly shoot a bow, that’s for sure!

Realtree – 302,000 Subscribers

The outdoor juggernaut that’s been the industry, not just in the industry.  Realtree has been a staple of outdoor televion since the beginning, so expect a ton of high-quality content.  Remember the Monster Bucks VHS tapes?  These are the guys behind those videos and the YouTube channel continues to grow.  They’re not as high on the list because they started later than what they should have because they stayed true to the old model of content publication on outdoor tv networks instead of publishing content on YouTube.

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