Witt Machine SME Review

Adrian Jessen

If you’ve been shooting guns very long, you’ve probably seen a vast assortment of different muzzle devices available for your firearm. I love a good muzzle brake for decreasing recoil. And of course, I absolutely love shooting suppressed. But have you seen the Witt Machine SME?

What is an SME? Well, first thing’s first – it’s NOT a suppressor! SME stands for Sound Mitigating Equipment. The definition of mitigate is “to make less severe or painful.” So the Witt Machine SME doesn’t suppress the sound – it simply decreases the severity and pain of the sound. It’s basically a blast forward device or linear compensator that directs the compressive forces of a gunshot forward (away from the shooter and those beside him/her) so that the impact of the sound is less severe.

witt machine sme

Witt Machine SME

The Witt Machine SME helps you get back on target quicker by reducing recoil and directing pressure waves from the shot downrange.

Price: $175.00

  • Graphite black or flat dark earth colors
  • Length = 4″
  • Available in multiple calibers

Witt Machine SME Likes

One nice thing about the Witt Machine SME is that it is made in the USA! Unfortunately we can’t say that enough, so when I can, I like to share it. The brake and SME are made from aluminum, so it’s pretty lightweight and still sturdy.

The Witt Machine SME fits directly over the threading on a muzzle brake. You purchase it as a kit that includes the brake and the SME. You can shoot just the brake for recoil reduction, and then add the SME if you’re more interested in the sound mitigating factor.

Now in our video, you won’t see a decibel meter capable of measuring the sound of a gunshot. Those meters that can read sounds as loud and quick as a gunshot cost thousands of dollars to RENT, so we opted for subjective reports. I still wear hearing protection when I shoot with it, but I can definitely say that the harsh impact of the shot is decreased with the presence of the Witt Machine SME. The SME does add some recoil back as compared to the brake, but it decreases “felt” recoil by decreasing the percussive forces.

witt machine sme

Witt Machine SME Improvements

The main thing we had difficulty with was getting the brake timed correctly. First, we didn’t use a vice when putting it on the gun. Also, in order to time it correctly you need to use different crush washers or shims. This was a little tricky because prior to this brake we had only used brakes with a locking nut that don’t involve crush washers or shims to time them properly.

I’m not sure if there would be a way to use a brake that could time with a locking nut and still have a way to mount the SME, but that part would be nice. It would also be nice if there was a way for the device to still significantly decrease recoil, but I think that’s just physics.

Witt Machine SME Summary

Overall, the Witt Machine SME is a pretty neat device. If you don’t want to get a suppressor and/or you are waiting on your tax stamp to come through, the SME may be a good alternative. Remember, it’s NOT a suppressor and isn’t going to function as a suppressor. However, it will help decrease the impact of the gunshot. If you’re looking for something to do that, watch our review and give the Witt Machine SME a good look.

Take a look at our video on YouTube at Review This Thing and let us know what you think.


  • Not a Class III device – doesn’t require a tax stamp or waiting period

  • Sturdy and lightweight

  • Reduces recoil

  • Reduces the damaging impact of the percussive forces of a gunshot


  • Cost is $175

  • Timing the muzzle brake can be challenging

  • The SME over the brake doesn’t reduce recoil as much as the brake alone

Ready to buy? You can buy the Witt Machine SME directly from Witt Machine.  Just click the Shop Now button.

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