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Allen Gear Fit EDGE Bow Case Review

Cory Currier

Bowhunting is something I came to later in life. I’ve spent the last five years making up for the lost time. Learning and improving my shooting and hunting gear each year, I’m always looking for the next step to take. I have always struggled with a way to efficiently carry my bow and all my equipment for travel. I have experimented and used a few different cases and packs to no avail, which brought me to the Allen Gear Fit EDGE Bow Case.

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Choosing the Right Bow Case

Most of the cases I’ve researched either seemed way too bulky or expensive when, at the end of the day, I manage to get by. When I was asked about reviewing a bow case for Allen Archery, I was excited to get my hands on one. I always keep an open mind to new companies and products but wasn’t expecting much from a company I solely associated with Walmart. Up to this point, I had never visited the Allen website, and when I did, I was taken aback at the quantity gear they had to offer. After weighing my options, I selected the Gear Fit EDGE bow case.

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Allen Gear Fit Edge Bow Case

Gear Fit EDGE™ Bow cases are designed for that specific someone, who refines and redefines their outdoor skills in hunting and archery. You use your gear harder, rely on its performance, and find purpose in your results. The Gear Fit EDGE™ Bow Case helps you achieve the EDGE by keeping you organized and ready to go with specific gear compartments for what you carry to the hunt or the range.

  • Molded pocket hubs protect your quiver and arrows
  • Organized in individual arrow slots
  • Pocket provides storage for your release
  • Movable bow tethers
  • Large zippers and zipper pulls

Allen Gear Fit Edge First Impressions

My first impression when pulling the Allen Gear Fit EDGE bow case out of the box was, “WOW!” I was blown away by the look and feel of the case, especially the fabric and zippers. I was fortunate to receive this bag right as my hunting season got underway. I have been able to give it the full hunting experience. The Allen Gear Fit EDGE offers ample storage space and has pocket space for days. I can put my bow in and store my arrows in a separate pocket with molded protectors. 3 main pockets on the outside are more than aesthetic. Each pocket has dividers for the small things. Allen even includes a broadhead hardcase that fits perfectly into its own divider. The dividers can be removed with just a simple pull of the Velcro. I keep the Gear Fit Edge in the back seat of my truck. Having everything right there in one unit has been great for grabbing all my archery gear at once to take inside or switching vehicles.

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Allen Gear Fit EDGE Review Summary

In summary, I really like this bag and honestly had trouble finding a negative to it. It’s a perfect balance of usability and style. I’m confident in the product, knowing Allen Archery has been around for a very long time. Many like myself overlook them, and I recommend a visit to their website to see everything they have to offer.


  • Many Pocket Options to Meet Any Archer’s Needs
  • High-Quality Zippers and Materials
  • Conveniently Keeps All Your Archer Gear in One Place


  • $129.99 Retail Price is Not Cheap for a Soft Case

    (Of course you can find it for much less with Hunting Gear Deal!)

  • Only One Color Option

Ready to buy? Amazon currently has the best price on the Allen Gear Fit Edge bow case. You can also find them on Optics Planet with the possibility of saving with a coupon code.

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Cory Currier has lived in Maine all 38 years of his life. He is obsessed with bowhunting as well as hunting in general.

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