allen main beam wrist sling review

Allen Main Beam Wrist Sling Review

Nick Chandler

During summertime tweaking with my archery equipment for the upcoming season, I came across an issue with my wrist sling. I noticed some torquing on my grip mainly caused by tension on my wrist caused by the braided sling being too short with my new set up. I’ve used braided slings for years, but it was time for something new. In searching for another option, I came across the Allen Main Beam Wrist Sling.

Allen Main Beam Wrist Sling

Increase you shot consistency with the AllenĀ® Main Beam Wrist Sling. Designed with the hardcore bowhunter in mind, this wrist sling boasts a tough and rugged construction for season lasting use.

Retail: $19.99

  • Quick adjustment Tabs on both sides of the mount
  • Scent reduction band lessens human scent stream
  • Tough and rugged construction for hardcore users
  • Compatible with all Compound bows
  • Ambidextrous right/hand Compatible

Lightweight Adjustable Wrist Sling

For those who are not familiar, this newer model wrist sling is a cable-style wrapped in a durable braided material. The main structure, “cable” of this sling, is around a quarter-inch with a heat shrink on either end to keep sheathing from fraying. The base, which mounts to your bow, is just a simple bracket with two locking “cap style” hinged fasteners to adjust length with ease. Light as a feather.

Scent Reduction Band and Form Fitting Ability

For the scent control freaks, nothing on the main beam wrist sling is absorptive! No more worrying about sweat tainted leather Or ropes! Along with the light-weight design, the cable allows you to shape this sling into any configuration which receives 5-stars for functionality from me!

allen wrist sling review
adjustable bow wrist sling

Potential Issues with the Allen Main Beam Wrist Sling

If I had to come up with something derogatory, the only two things I see that could possibly be an issue are the quick-adjusting caps and sling deformation. I have not had it happen to me, but the caps do open reasonably easy. There is a small chance of them opening if they were to catch on something while walking through thicker brush etc. The sling itself, with its formability, has been misshaped a few times but is next to zero effort to quickly bend it back. Other than that, I haven’t noticed any possible issues!


  • Quick Adjustment
  • Scent-Free
  • Easy Forming
  • Curb Appeal


  • Quick Adjust Caps Could Pop Loose
  • Sling Can Deform During Transport

Allen Main Beam Wrist Sling Summary

I have to say this has been the most straightforward item I have reviewed. It was the most difficult to find anything that falls under the negative category. Anybody wanting to upgrade or even first-time buyers, I would definitely recommend this Allen product!

Ready to buy? Amazon has good selection and pricing on the Main Beam Wrist Sling. You can also find them at Dick’s Sporting Goods or Optics Planet.

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