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ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x Review

Camron Stover

ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x Riflescope – Overview

ATN has improved their popular X-Sight LTV without hurting the wallet too bad in the process.  The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro series didn’t replace the LTV series, it simply took what worked and added a bunch of additional features making this a hard option to pass up, regardless of the price.  The most affordable nighttime predator hunting riflescope on the market is still the ATN X-sight LTV3-9X but the X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x Riflescope has just enough bells and whistles to justify spending the extra $100.

For starters, the increased battery life alone helps me to justify shelling out the additional $100.  However, if capturing high-quality videos is your goal, then this riflescope is a no-brainer!  The ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x Riflescope is capable of video recording your hunt in 4K, whereas the LTV riflescope operates at 720p.  This is a major difference in the quality of your videos, especially at further ranges.  Also, this riflescope records videos with sound, whereas the X-Sight LTV doesn’t offer sound recording.

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ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x Features:

The ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x Riflescope packs a ton of features into an affordable night vision optic.  This riflescope can record 4K 1080p video and sound with the pull of the trigger thanks to its Recoil Activated Video feature.  Other features include WIFI/Bluetooth capabilities and a ballistics calculator.

Retail: $699.99

■ One-Shot Zero

■ Record the hunt in 4K w/ sound

■ 18+ hour battery life continuous run time

■ Water-resistant

■ WIFI/Bluetooth capabilities

■ Illuminator and scope rings included

■ 2-year warranty

What comes with the ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x ?

The ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x comes with everything you need to start predator hunting except a coyote call and camouflage.  The first thing you’ll notice is the size of the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x Riflescope.  It’s larger than the X-sight LTV and slightly heavier as well.  The box includes everything you need to prepare your riflescope for the range, but you’re going to want to start with a full charge!  So take the time to fully charge the battery from the beginning.

In the box, you’ll find a free illuminator with your riflescope that’s utilized to enhance your nighttime vision with the scope.  The illuminator comes with a mount to secure it parallel to your weapon and is activated by turning the knob at the rear of the illuminator.  You’re going to want to utilize the eyepiece during nighttime hunts if you want to reduce light pollution while in the field.  Sometimes, the screen of the ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x can produce enough light that you might get picked off by a weary coyote.  In fact, if you don’t adjust the brightness of your screen from daylight activities to nighttime use, it will blind you.  The brightness adjustment of the LCD screen is impressive and makes my iPhone look bad!

Features of the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x

  • Obsidian 4 Processor and APP compatibility – Obsidian 4 mobile application.
  • UltraHD 4K Day/Night sensor
  • RAV – Recoil Activated Video – When you take the shot, it records everything from a few seconds prior and a few seconds after.  Never miss a shot of film again!
  • Ballistic Calculator built-in that includes:
    • One-Shot Zero
    • Calculates based on:
      • Range
      • Wind
      • Individual Weapon Profiles
      • Angle-to-target
      • Temperature
      • Humidity – and more
    • Smart Range Finder
    • WiFi connectivity – Allows for streaming, gallery viewing & Controls of the scope – iOS & Android
    • 18+ Hours of Battery Life
    • Included Accessories:
      • Soft Eyecup
      • Sunshade
      • Standard 2 piece scope rings
      • L-Shape ring
      • Ring with Picatinny rail
      • UBS-C cable
      • Scope cover and a lens tissue

How to operate the ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x.

As technology increases, oftentimes so do the operation of the item.  The ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x is a little harder to navigate than my older X-Sight LTV riflescope, but it wasn’t difficult by any means.  You’re going to want to take the time to get familiar with the internal menu within the 4K Pro before heading to the field.  This will save you a lot of time and hassle as the X-Sight LTV could be manipulated by external buttons, which made it easier to operator straight out of the box.

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How to sight in the ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x.

The One-Shot-Zero that ATN claims with the ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x is completely….TRUE!  The one-shot zero will save you time and money!  Ammo isn’t cheap nowadays.

The first step is to adjust the rear eyepiece focus.  This is the eyepiece that is closest to your shooting eye.  Adjust the focus so that the reticle is clear at the distance that you’re looking.  You can fine-tune the focus as conditions change with the front focus ring in the field as ranges change. This is quick and easy and nothing that you haven’t seen before, just remember, righty-tighty, lefty-loosey!

Sighting in the ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x consisted of me shooting a three-shot group at 100 yards.  As you get more familiar with it and your rifle, you can do it with one shot, I just didn’t trust my first shot with a brand new gun so I sent a couple of extra rounds downrange.  After confirming the shot location, simply go into the menu under the Zeroing function and leave the white reticle on the center of your aiming point.  Then, adjust the red reticle to the impact location of your bullet.  It’s that simple!  You can switch this riflescope between weapons and or bullet weights/brands quickly and easily.

Quick Tip – Record your X and Y coordinates for in-the-field verification before each hunt.  The X and Y coordinates can be found on the screen when zeroing your reticle.

What are the differences between the ATN X-Sight 4K HD Pro and the ATN X-Sight LTV Riflescopes?

  • Price:  The 4K Pro is $100 more than the ATN X-Sight LTV
  • Battery Life:  4K Pro = 18 hour battery life, X-Sight LTV = 10 hour battery life.
  • Variable Zoom:  4K Pro has a wheel on the side of the riflescope to adjust the zoom and the X-Sight LTV has a push-button zoom control on top of the riflescope.  The zoom function of the 4K Pro is quicker and easier to use.
  • Size and Weight:  The X-Sight LTV is smaller and more compact than the 4K Pro with a difference of approximately 1/2 pound.  This is apparent and should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.
  • Video Recording:  The X-Sight LTV records 720p videos without audio while the 4K Pro will record full 1080P videos with audio.
  • Changing from daytime to night vision mode.  The X-Sight LTV has an external button to quickly and easily change between modes while the 4K Pro must be adjusted with the internal menu options.
  • Best Daytime video quality:  4K Pro
  • Best Nightvision video quality:  X-Sight LTV (The 4K sensor causes more “noise” at night.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Compatible:  4K Pro Only
  • Ballistics Calculator:  4K Pro Only
  • Compatible with ATN Laser Rangefinder:  4K Pro Only
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Specifications and Features of the ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x

For a detailed list of features and specifications, refer to the chart.  Below are few more things to keep in mind.

  • Micro SD Card: You’ll have to pick up a microSD card if you want to record your hunts.  Also, you’ll need it to download the latest firmware updates as they’re released.
  • Focus Adjustment: There are two types of focus adjustment.
    • Distance (Macro adjustment) – Rotate the Adjustment Ring at the front end of the riflescope by turning the ring left or right.  The front end of the scope is the barrel end.
    • Clarity (Micro adjustment) – Adjust the riflescope your eyesight by turning the Diopter Adjustment Ring left or right.  The rear of the scope is the closest part of it to your eye.

ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x Review Summary

The ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro 3-14x is a nice advancement over the LTV X-Sight series without a huge price increase.  The more feature-rich ATN X-Sight 4K Pro allows the user to record 1080p high-definition videos with sound!  The X-Sight LTV riflescopes do not have the option for recording sound.

The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro can be utilized for nighttime predator hunting or you can video record daytime rifle hunts.  I’m really looking forward to recording some daytime rifle hunts for big game animals like deer or bear in the near future.   ATN has several higher-end options available for more serious predator hunters, but I really like the 4K Pro and don’t plan on replacing it any time soon.  It allows me to see my target day or night and it’s deadly accurate, plus the extended battery life ensures that I never have to worry about a dead battery.  I love the one-shot zero feature and I’m looking forward to predator season this year.

The factory-supplied illuminator is sufficient for most hunting applications where I’m from but if you need more, you can always purchase a more powerful illuminator.  It’s not a necessity and there have been times when I left my illuminator at home but didn’t have an issue during my hunt.

The ATN X-SIGHT 4K Pro is a wise investment for most applications.  Far too often I see hunters investing in products that cost more but they don’t use them enough to justify the additional expense.  This is the perfect scope to start with before jumping into higher-end models like the ATN Thor 4!


    • Price
    • One-shot Zero
    • Nightvision
    • Recoil activated video records in 4K – 1080p
    • Battery life:  18+ Hours
    • Built-in rangefinder
    • WIFI and Bluetooth compatible


    • Supplied illuminator could be brighter
    • Limited Zoom
    • It’s not thermal.  (If so, you’d be paying a lot more!)
    • Rubber MicroSD Card slot and charging port

Ready to buy?  You can buy direct from ATN or pick on up from online retailers like:  Amazon, Optics Planet, eBay, and more.

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