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Best Blackened Venison Heart Recipe – HuntChef Edition

Jeremy Critchfield

Hopefully, you didn’t discard one of the tastiest cuts of meat on a deer while field dressing.  If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m referring to venison heart!  Yes, you can safely eat the heart of a deer and this Blackened Vension Heart Recipe is a great way to turn the most biased skeptic into a believer.

HuntChef, aka Jeremy Critchfield, brings us a tasty, flavor-rich recipe that will leave you anxiously awaiting your next hunting trip.  The heart might be the most overlooked cut of meat on deer but it isn’t easy to cook.  Thankfully, HuntChef has provided us with a quick and easy-to-follow recipe that will ensure your deer heart is loaded with flavor and cooked evenly.

easy venison heart recipe
Blackened Venison Heart Recipe – HuntChef Edition

The most overlooked cut of venison might be your new favorite!  HuntChef brings us a Blackened Venison Heart recipe that is quick and easy to follow.  This delcious recipe will take your wild game cooking skills to the next level!

  • Total Time:
    • Prep Time for Brine:  5 mins
    • Brining Time:  Up to 4 days
    • Prep Time between brining and cooking:  25 mins
    • Cook Time:  5-10 mins
    • Resting time:  5 mins
  • Servings:  4 servings


  • 1 deer heart
  • Butter
  • HuntChef Hot Honey BBQ sauce
  • HuntChef Straight Outta Pontchartrain Blackening Seasoning
  • Brine (Saltwater)
best seasoning for venison

Brine for Better Taste:

Step 1: Wash the venison heart in cold water.

Step 2:  Create a brine of your choice.  You can simply use a salt brine or for extra flavor, pick up one of the HuntChef Brine Kits.

Step 3:  Place the entire heart into the salt brine and store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.  This will remove any leftover blood and replace it with salt for added flavor.

how to cut up venison heart

Cut Up the Vension Heart:

Step 4:  Remove venison heart from brine.

Step 5: Cutaway everything that doesn’t look like meat.  The fat and ventricles can be tricky but start at the top of the heart.

Step 6:  Butterfly the heart into two halves.

Step 7:  Lay each piece flat and score both sides by cutting 1/16″ cuts into the top and bottom of each piece.  The heart is a tough muscle that will draw up when cooking, which will prevent it from being cooked evenly.  Scoring the heart on both sides is an important step that you don’t want to miss.

how to prepare heart to cook

Prepare to Cook:

Step 8:  Preheat a cast-iron skillet.  “Hot” is the recommended temperature.

Step 9:  Season both sides of the venison heart with HuntChef Straight Outta Pontchartrain Blackening Seasoning.  Blackening seasoning is typically applied thoroughly.  Melt your choice of butter and liberally coat the seasoned venison heart on both sides

Step 10:  Melt your choice of butter and liberally coat the seasoned venison heart on both sides

best way to cook venison heart

Cook to Desired Internal Temperature:

Step 11:  Place the seasoned, butter-coated venison heart into a hot castiron skillet.

Step 12:  Cook evenly.  Cooking times will vary, but each side should be evenly seared.  This recipe is best served Medium to Medium rare.  After cooking to desired internal temperature, remove from heat and let it sit before cutting it into strips.

Step 13:  Add a drizzle of HuntChef Hot Honey BBQ sauce and serve!

can you venison heart
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Notes from HuntChef:

This recipe is a quick and easy method of preparing venison heart.  The HuntChef Blackening Seasoning packs in the flavor and you’ll kick yourself for tossing out all of those venison hearts in years past.

There are two very important details within this recipe that you don’t want to miss.  First, be sure to soak the heart in saltwater brine.  This adds flavor and removes blood from the heart.  Typically, I’ll let it soak in a refrigerator for approximately 4 days before cooking.

Next, scoring the venison heart is the key to cooking it evenly.  The heart is very tough and will draw up when applied to a heat source.  Scoring (cutting 1/16″ deep cuts along the top and bottom of the heart) will prevent it from peeling up from the pan, allowing you to get a nice even sear on both sides.

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How to cook Blackened Venison Heart directly from the HuntChef!

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