2020 broadhead review

Best Broadheads of 2020 – According to the Guys from Seek One

Are you looking for the best broadhead for deer hunting?  If so, check out this video from Seek One Productions where they put 13 of the best broadheads from 2020 to the test.  In this video, you’ll see the guys put a combination of fixed blade and mechanical broadheads to the test to determine which broadheads they will be hunting with this season.

Here’s how it works.  First, they spin test each broadhead for straightness.  Second, they measured the weight of each broadhead to check for any variances among each model.  Once the broadheads were inspected and checked for consistency in the manufacturing/assembly process, the broadheads were subjected to multiple field trials that you’ll enjoy watching.

During the field tests, each broadhead was subjected to a variety of penetration and durability tests, including a ballistics gel test that you have to watch!  It looks like the Seek One guys had a lot of fun with the testing process and if you’re smart, you’ll watch this video and make your own decision based on their results.  This video verified my own personal field tests with a couple of the broadheads that they utilized in the video actually.

Below is a list of the broadheads that were utilized in the test but you’ll have to watch their video to see the results of the test.  If you’re interested in a particular broadhead shown in the video, simply follow the link provided to an online retailer.  If you have any questions or trouble finding a particular product that you’re interested in, reach out and Hunting Gear Deals will try to find you a good deal!

best price rage trypan broadhead

Rage Trypan


  • Super-tough, all-titanium ferrule
  • Hybrid tip slices through flesh and bone
  • Razor-sharp .039″-thick stainless steel blades
  • Cutting dia: 2″.
  • Weight: 100 grain
best price sevr broadhead



  • 2.0” cutting diameter
  • 420 Grade .032” thickness stainless-steel blades
  • Blades are fully contained in the ferrule
  • Sold individually
  • Available in 100 grain and 125 grains


best deal nap broadhead klll zone

NAP Killzone


  • 2″ cutting diameter
  • Trophy tip
  • Weight:  100 grains
  • Spring-clip design
G5 broadhead deal

G5 Deadmeat – 3 Blade


  • 100% Grade “A” Steel
  • Easily replaceable blades
  • 1.5″ cutting diameter for massive damage
  • 100 Grains
best deal grim reaper pro series

Grim Reaper Pro Series


  • 1 3/8” Cut diameter
  • 40-degree swept blades
  • Pro Series Tip
  • “Snap Cup” design
  • No o-rings, bands, or clips.
best hybrid broadhead hunting

Bipolar Broadheads


  • Hybrid Broadhead for massive wounds
  • Practice blades included
  • lock pin and several extra shear pins also included
  • All parts are stainless steel or premium grade aluminum.
best price muzzy one broadhead

Muzzy One


  • Ultra-sharp and strong 3-blade broadhead from Muzzy
  • Hybrid chisel/cut-on-contact tip
  • Durable 1-piece machined stainless steel ferrule
  • Strong and sharp .046″-thick blades
  • Can be resharpened on a flat stone
best g5 broadhead for crossbow

Montec M3 Broadhead


  • 100% Steel Tough
  • Cut-On-Contact Design
  • Only Available in 100 Grains
  • One-Piece MIM Construction
  • BMP Model Available (practice tip)
  • 1 1/16″ Cutting Diameter
best penetrating broadhead

Annihilator Broadhead


  • .180 square inches (the largest cutting surface area of any other broadhead)
  • 100 & 125 Grain Cut Diameter:  .910 inches
  • 4140 alloy steel hardened to Rockwell RC: 52
  • Can be easily field sharpened flat on a stone and reused.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.
heavy single bevel broadhead

Cut Throat Broadhead

Details:  Made here in the USA and machined from one piece of 100% steel for maximum strength.

  • Cut-on-contact – tanto point
  • Two blade
  • 125 grain and higher
  • Teflon coated.
  • 25° bevel for bone splitting penetration.
  • Hardend to 55HRC
best flying two blade broadhead

Day Six Evo


  • 1 1/16” Wide
  • 1 3/16” Long Main Blade
  • 1/2” Low Profile Bleeder Blade
  • 100 GR and 125 GR options
  • Heat-treated S30V SS blades
best two blade broadhead

Iron Will

Iron Will has different options, so here’s a description of each model they currently offer:

  • Wide Series Broadheads:  For bigger entry and exit holes and flowing blood trails. Ideal for shots 50 yards and under on medium-sized game like deer and black bear.
  • S Series Broadheads:  Solid blade for a quiet flight and unwavering strength. Ideal for achieving maximum penetration on unsuspecting large game like elk and moose.
  • V Series Broadheads:  Vented blade makes this our most forgiving broadhead for excellent long-range flight. Engineered to hit the mark with maximum penetration on large game animals like elk and moose.
  • Buff Series Broadheads:  Solid two-blade broadhead with no bleeder blades for unrivaled strength and extreme penetration on the very largest game like Cape Buffalo.
  • X Series Crossbow Broadheads:  Precision engineered with high impact-strength materials for superb flight and maximum penetration from modern high-speed crossbows.

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So which broadhead will you be taking to the whitetail woods this fall?