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Best Venison Liver and Onions Recipe – HuntChef Edition

Jeremy Critchfield

Is venison liver worth eating?  A deer has several different cuts of meat to choose one, but nutrient-dense organ meats like the liver and heart are often left in the gut pile, unfortunately.  This season, try the simplest deer liver recipe after your next successful harvest, and enjoy!

This recipe is perfect for deer camp, a place where deer hunters come together to tell stories of past and present hunts, making memories that will last a lifetime.  To save time and energy, pick up a bottle of HuntChef Ten Ring Seasoning and flavor the liver of a deer to perfection! You could always waste time creating your own concoction of garlic powder, thyme, black pepper, soy sauce, lemon juice, bacon fat, and sweet onions to make fried liver, but who wants to do that?

#EATWHATYOUKILL and enjoy one of the tastiest deer liver recipes you’ll ever attempt.

is deer liver safe to eat
Venison Liver and Onions Recipe – HuntChef Edition

One of the most overlooked cuts of venison might be your new favorite!  HuntChef brings us his easy-to-follow Venison Liver and Onion recipe that is you’ll be eager to try this fall.  This delicious recipe will take your wild game cooking skills to the next level!

  • Total Time:
    • Prep Time for Brine:  10 mins
    • Brining Time:  9 days (or less)
    • Prep Time between bringing and cooking:  25 mins
    • Cook Time:  10 mins
    • Resting time:  5 mins
  • Servings:  10 servings


ingredients to make venison liver and onions
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Brine for Better Taste:

Step 1: Wash the venison liver in cold water.

Step 2:  Create a brine of your choice.  You can simply use a salt brine or for extra flavor, pick up one of the HuntChef Brine Kits.

Step 3:  Place the entire liver into the salt brine and store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.  This will remove any leftover blood and replace it with salt for added flavor.  If you do not have a large enough container to store the entire liver in your fridge at once, then cut into two halves.

best brine kit for wild game

Cut Up the Vension Liver:

Step 4:  Remove venison liver from the brine.

Step 5: Cut away everything that doesn’t look like meat, such as the connective tissue.  The fat and blood vessels can be tricky so be sure to watch and learn in the video below.

Step 6:  Cut the liver into strips, the best way is to cut the liver into slices going against the grain.  1/2″ to 3/4″ is big enough.

Step 7:  Season each piece of liver with HuntChef Ten Ring Seasoning.  Season on both sides and allow time for the seasoning to absorb into the liver.  (30 minutes at least)

should you eat deer liver

Cooking Venison Liver:

Step 8:  Preheat cooking oil in a castiron skillet to medium heat.  Canola oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, bacon grease, or your personal preference.

Step 9:  Coat each piece of liver in a flour mixture.  You can utilize the CanCooker Collapsible Batter Bowl to make this quick and easy!

Step 10:  Cook the liver to a medium internal temperature.  Reduce to low heat after the first flip.  The oil will remain hot but the gentle cooling of the oil will keep you from overcooking the liver.

Quick Tip:  Flip the liver as needed for even cooking on both sides.  Try not to let the pieces touch one another in the skillet while cooking.

Step 11:  When the desired internal temperature is reached, remove the liver from the oil and let it rest on paper towels before plating and eating.

venison liver and onions

You Can’t Eat Liver Without Onions:

Step 13:  Add butter to a medium-high heat preheated large cast-iron skillet.

Step 14:  Add the sliced onion and stir occasionally.

Step 15:  As the onions begin to turn color, add in the cut-up banana peppers.  Stir occasionally as the ingredients will soften and change colors when ready to serve.

is deer liver safe to eat
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Notes from HuntChef:

You’ll never waste another deer liver after trying this easy-to-follow, mouth-watering recipe Vension and Onions recipe.  This liver even had an arrow shot through it but I was able to cut out the damaged area and carefully remove the arteries that flow through the liver.  Taking the extra time cut up liver slices after a long, refrigerated brine is the key to this recipe.

If this is your first time trying venison liver, don’t be afraid to mess it.  The biggest recommendation I can give you is to not over-cook the deer liver.  Some say that liver and onions are an acquired taste, but don’t let that scare you away from making this recipe your own.  A bit of salt and some HuntChef seasonings are a great way to turn wild game dinners into wild game delicacies.

For more great venison recipes, check out the Wild Game Recipes section of

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How to Cook Venison Liver and Onions directly from the HuntChef!

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