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Black Rack Rattling System Review

Bryan Siu

Black Rack Rattling System Review – Better than Natural Antlers!

I have been hunting public land hard for the last 5 years. Before that, it was all private. I switched to public because I began seeing less and less deer activity on my grandfather’s land. Apparently, you are supposed to use scent control and camouflage when you hunt…who knew? Anyway, after I stopped hunting private land, I found that it was more fun and challenging to hunt public. This also helped me understand that it took more effort than just climbing into a tree to harvest a mature buck.

The last five years, I began taking scent control, camouflage, and calls more seriously. In this process of learning what works and what does not, I found myself buying multiple types of grunt calls, estrous bleat cans, and rattling systems (e.g., rattle bag, artificial horns, and natural horns). To me, at the time, natural antlers worked best. The only problem I had was that many times I would smash my fingers, or they would slide apart too easily which led to more of a ramming sound. Recently, I realized I care about keeping my fingers intact before my 25th birthday, and that bucks do not just smash their heads together for fun, so I looked for more rattling options.

Black Rack Rattling System

This system comes with two full rack antlers, allowing you to use them just like real antlers. But the Bone-Core technology and lightweight acoustical design makes them sound even more realistic than natural antlers. The dark color of the synthetic material also helps mask your movement, compared to white or tan antlers. The design also protects your knuckles while using them.

Price: $24.99

■  Lightweight (less than 2 lbs)

■  Black Concealment color

■  Sounds very realistic

■  Made in the U.S.A.

Discovering the Black Rack Rattling System

One day I stumbled upon the Black Rack Rattling System by Illusion Systems. I had heard about it a couple of times from friends but never paid it any attention. However, after researching it and watching hundreds of YouTube videos, I searched it on Amazon. I was shocked to see how much it was listed for. YouTube’s #1 deer calling system was on $25 on Amazon!

After a week of issues dealing with Amazon’s shipping services, they finally arrived. My wife assumed I had bought her birthday presents because I had begged her not to open any packages that showed up. I had already gotten in trouble for buying Doe Estrous the week before because apparently I “spend too much on hunting stuff”. For a week straight I practiced rattling my new Black Rack Rattling System. I used it everywhere I went. Driving to and from work, on lunch break, and even while hiding out in the truck. That weekend, I had the chance to take them out for the first time. I immediately fell in love with the system.

black rack rattling system

Black Rack Rattling System Features

The black color of the rack makes it harder for deer to spot you as opposed to natural antlers, and tan or brown artificial antlers. According to the website and my observation, deer use the color white to communicate, so when lighter colors move around, it immediately catches their attention. I did not have this problem with my all-black antlers. The next thing I loved about the rattling system was the loud volume is produced. The exclusive Bone-Core technology gives the antlers an echoing sound through the timber that sounds just like two bucks fighting over that fresh hot doe. The best part of the Black Rack Rattling System is its use of a complete full rack design. The black rack has antlers on both sides of it to simulate a buck in the wild. The ends of the antlers are also two different sizes to target specific sound volumes.

I have personally not had any cons or negative experiences with the Black Rack besides its initial shipment, but I believe my issue was with Amazon and not Illusion Systems. There have been some other reviews I have read that claim the antlers broke, but I have not had it happen in the time I have owned them. With proper care and use, it should not become an issue.

Illusion Systems has very detailed videos on how and when to rattle with the Black Rack Rattling System. This helped me tremendously. My go-to strategy when blind calling is to slam the top two antlers together in a way that they lock to create that initial “lock-up” when two bucks are fighting. Next, I twist the bottom of the antlers so the twines rub and crash against each other on the bottom end. This keeps the locked up sound and promotes a more realistic push and shake sound rather than them slamming back and forth constantly.

Black Rack Rattling System Review Summary

My first weekend taking the Black Rack Rattling System with me, I called in and harvested a 150-inch public land buck that I had never been able to call in using any other method of rattling. Whether that’s from the great design or it was pure luck, who can say? But I think the Black Rack Rattling System is a necessity for all deer hunters. It’s lightweight, sounds realistic, keeps me concealed, and protects my knuckles while using them. I have called in bucks during all times of the rut, and I cannot say I will ever use another type of rattling antler.


    • Lightweight (pair weighs less than 2 pounds)
    • Realistic sound – louder than natural antlers
    • Design keeps your knuckles safe
    • Black color helps you stay concealed while using
    • Great price for quality system


    • Some claim theirs have broken, but mine have not
    • Could be considered large and bulky

Ready to buy?  You can pick up the Black Rack Rattling System from Amazon, Sportsman’s Guide, Scheel’s, and a wide variety of other online retailers.

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black rack rattling system


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