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Coleman Heavy-Duty Super Cooler Review

Dan Moresi

I have owned the Coleman Heavy-Duty Super Cooler for a few months now, and I can honestly say it has met all of my expectations. I purchased this cooler strictly to sit in the bed of my truck 24/7. I use it for beverage and food storage for up to a week at my hunting property. The 85-quart model will hold everything I need. I typically add five 5-pound bags of ice for a hunting trip. It will retain the ice, with regular opening and closing of the lid, for a full week or longer. The Heavy-Duty Super Cooler comes with an antimicrobial cutting board, a basket, and an integral ruler on the lid. Slots for a cooler lock and holes for a standard padlock are built-in to protect the cooler and its contents.

Coleman Integrated Cutting Board
Coleman Cooler Cable Lock
Coleman Heavy Duty Cooler Review

Coleman Heavy-Duty Super Cooler

The Coleman 55-Quart Heavy-Duty Super Cooler is designed for the rough and wild, be it a fishing expedition on the high seas or an epic camping trip in the wilderness.

Available in Red, White, and Blue colors in 55-quart and 85-quart sizes.

Retail: $224.99

  • Thicker, smarter insulation keeps ice for 6 days at temps up to 90°F
  • Nonskid feet ensure your cooler stays put
  • Durable rope handles make carrying easier even when fully loaded
  • Dual-size drain for easy removal of excess water
  • Dry ice compatible
  • Antimicrobial liner and included cutting board have been treated to resist odor, mold, mildew, and fungus.

Heavy Duty Cooler, Build to Last

I did extensive research when purchasing a cooler. I wanted something that would meet all of my storage needs and withstand the abuse from Mother Nature while sitting in the bed of my truck. A company that provided an excellent warranty was another vital factor, and Coleman has precisely that. The Heavy-Duty Cooler comes with a 6-year limited manufacturer warranty. I know that they stand true to their warranty through a friend who has the same model. His cooler had some color fade from being in the sun constantly. Coleman sent him a brand new Heavy-Duty Super Cooler, no questions asked, and even let him keep the faded one. I can’t see how customer service can get any better than that.

Coleman Cooler Review

Lots of Premium Cooler Features

There are a couple of other features I genuinely appreciate. The cooler’s rubber feet help keep it in place while I’m driving around. A bottle opener is built-in, which every good cooler should have. Finally, the dual size drain has a hose-size connection and a larger, 2″ plug for faster draining.

Coleman Grizzly Emblem
Coleman Cooler Review

Downsides of the Coleman Heavy-Duty Super Cooler

There are a few downsides to the cooler. First is the weight. It is heavy at about 44-pounds. If you need a cooler that you will be carrying around a lot, this may not be the best option. However, I prefer it heavier to keep it from sliding around in my truck bed. It also helps prevent people from wanting to “walk off with it.” Secondly, the drain does sweat when there is ice in it. Drain plug condensation can cause issues if kept on wood or carpet. Finally, sometimes the cutting board will come out of its slots which prevents the lid from closing. Overall, I would give this cooler 4 out of 5 stars for how I am using it.

Coleman Cooler Review Negatives

Coleman Heavy-Duty Super Cooler Review Summary


  • Affordable – I bought the cooler for ~$180 on amazon. Compare that to other name brand coolers of the same size, and it is much more affordable than its competitors
  • Ice retention – Held ice for 7+ days in a moderate temperature. Coleman advertises seven days at temperatures up to 90 degrees F. Based on what I have seen. I am confident that that statement is accurate.   
  • Accessories – Comes included with integral bottle opener and ruler (on lid), antimicrobial cutting board and basket to keep food or whatever separate from ice/water.
  • Drain – standard hose fitting and larger 2″ drain for quicker draining.
  • Warranty – Excellent 6-year limited warranty that Coleman stands by.
  • Durability – Sits in the bed of my truck 24/7 locked in and has shown no signs of wear what so ever.


  • Weight – It is on the heavy side at approximately 44 pounds “cooler only” weight.
  • Drain Sweating – The drain fittings do sweat when holding ice.
  • Cutting board slots – The cutting board will slip out of the slots preventing the lid from closing.

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Dan lives in Kansas City, Missouri and is an avid hunter, fisherman and just loves being outdoors. He works as a mechanical engineer and loves to tinker with all things hunting gear related.

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