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Creedmoor Cleaning Rod Guide Review

Brian Batta

If you put value into keeping your firearms in top shape, you need to take care when cleaning them. I like to start cleaning with solvent on a patch to break down any fouling in the barrel of any rifle, or shotgun. We all know that these solvents are designed to displace oil and even be corrosive. I’m incredibly concerned about firearm accuracy, and if this solvent migrates into the trigger mechanism, there is almost no way to get lubrication to the necessary places without disassembling the rifle. If you don’t take it apart and clean it right away that $300 trigger job was a complete waste. I also don’t want my bore getting scratched or gouged by the cleaning jag either. A bore guide, like the Creedmoor Cleaning Rod Guide, helps maintain and protect one of your most valuable hunting tools.

creedmoor gun cleaning guide review

Creedmoor Cleaning Rod Guide

The Creedmoor Cleaning Rod Guide helps to protect the throat of the bore from your jag. It also prevents unwanted liquids and debris from entering the trigger group. An O-ring provides an additional seal for the chamber. They’re designed specifically for corresponding actions and calibers to ensure proper alignment.

Retail Prices- $24.95-$29.95

  • Rem 700: .222, .243, 6.5 Creedmoor, .280, .300, .308
  • Tubb: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Ruger Precision Rifle: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • AR-10, AR-15
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How to Use the Creedmoor Cleaning Rod Guide

When I opened the box, I didn’t see any instructions, but being a simple tool, it didn’t take more than a few minutes to figure out how to use it. You simply remove the bolt, or in my case, I broke the action open, then you insert the end of the tool with the O-ring into the action. If you’re cleaning a bolt action rifle, you will place the bore guide into the action the same way that the bolt would reinstall, and seat the tool firmly. The cleaning rod guide has a small port in it that is about 1-1/2” long and 3/8” wide. This is the solvent port; you want to install the rod with the port facing up. Then your cleaning rod with a fresh patch can extend through the cleaning rod guide, and down the barrel. You can add solvent through the port as often as needed, then when you’re ready to switch to oil just start applying oil through the same port.

How to Use Cleaning Rod Guide
creedmoor bore guide review

Creedmoor Rod Guide Construction and Durability

The bore guide is made of what appears to be a very dense single piece of polymer. The O-ring might be the only part you would ever have to replace, and I’m sure it will last a long time if I lubricate it before I install it every time. It is very well made and should last several lifetimes. The only problem that I had with my break open rifle was that the ejector was in the way of it seating entirely in the chamber. The bore guide that they sent me is designed for a Remington 700, so it wasn’t perfect for my SSI-1. The O-ring still sealed the bore just fine. I could make a small modification so that it would seat all the way, but I don’t really see a reason to do so, it still functions as it should.

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Creedmoor Bore Guide Review Summary

Creedmoor Sports marketed this cleaning rod guide to fit the Remington 700 rifle chambered in .308win. I would think that it will fit most .308 rifles that have a removable bolt, or can be broken open like mine. There are quite a few caliber options, and I’m sure Creemore Sports is working to make more options available. I’m going to be purchasing several to fit all of my rifle calibers. If you would like to look into these bore guides go to, I typed the keyword “cleaning rod guide” into their keyword search to find it quickly.


  • Protects Rifle Action
  • Durable Construction
  • Convenient Port to Add Solvent


  • No Instructions

Ready to buy? You can get the Cleaning Rod Guide directly at along with a wide range of shooting and firearms accessories.

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