Cruzr XC Saddle Review

Ryan Bailey

Saddle Up

It’s no secret that saddle hunting has taken the hunting world by storm over the last several years.  Although saddle hunting has been around since the 1960s, over the last few years we have seen a tremendous uptick in the amount of saddle hunters as well as discussion on what the best mobile setup is.  Some have even said that saddle hunting has developed into a “cult-like” following.  I, for one, am one of those people that have joined that following.  Since I hunted out of a saddle for the first time, I haven’t sat in a treestand a single time.  It just made sense for me as soon as I tried it and opened up so many options for me.  It has honestly changed the way I hunt more than any other single item.  With this large increase of interest in saddle hunting, there have came multiple new comers to the production of saddle hunting gear.  One of the newer, and very successful companies that has came to life, is Cruzr. This article will offer a Cruzr XC Saddle Review, to help you make a decision if saddle hunting, and this saddle is for you!

CRÜZR XC™ Hunting Saddle

The CRÜZR XC™ is the signature hunting saddle for CRÜZR Saddles. The XC tree saddle boasts a pleated mesh Xpansion Chamber™, that when opened, adds a next-level degree of comfort and cupping for your backside.

Price: $260

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Adjustable AmSteel®-Blue Bridge
  • Comfortable
  • USA Made

Is the Cruzr XC Saddle Comfortable?

When we talk about a product such as a saddle, comfort is one of the first things that people ask about.  I’ve used this saying numerous times when it comes to different products: If you are comfortable, you will hunt more.  If you hunt more, you will be more successful. Just as this applies to boots, clothing, warmth, etc, it applies to saddles.  The Cruzr XC excels in this category!  Whether you are a sitter or a leaner, the XC provides all day comfort with its strategic placement of lineman and bridge loops as well as it’s pleated design.  When leaning, I typically keep the pleat closed and lean into the saddle.  The shape of the saddle is perfect and hugs your body providing a secure but comfortable feel.  When sitting, open up the pleat and you will gain several more inches of material.  This extra material really helps cradle your body and gives a hammock-like feel.  The pleat is also very well designed and opens and closes with ease but stays in whatever position you want it in.  I’ve heard of other pleated designs that after some use, become worn and the pleat will no longer stay closed.  That is not the case with the XC.  We will discuss some of the other features and perks of this saddle below.

Hip Pinch

Before we move on from the topic of comfort, let’s briefly discuss the all-dreaded hip pinch.  Many people that try saddle hunting immediately say it isn’t comfortable and they almost always mention hip pinch.  I’ve sat in many different saddles and hip pinch is real!  It doesn’t matter your body size or shape, certain saddle designs just cause hip pinch!  The Cruzr XC’s design has combatted hip pinch in a way no other saddle I’ve sat in has.  The shape and design of the XC completely eliminates hip pinch.  I’ve talked with people that are all different shapes and sizes and they all said the same thing!  Below I’ll post a quote from a customer directly from Cruzr’s website.

Got my cruzr xc a week ago. I wore it an average of 4 hours each time. Let me say WOW.ive tried 4 other saddle brands and nothing. I mean nothing compares to the cruzr xcthe others would pinch my hips really bad.the xc did not pinch at all.the double plete cups your legs like being in a if you have back and hips issues the I definitely suggest you get the leg fatigue or pinching.well done” – George H. (Verified Customer)

Cruzr XC Features and Benefits 

No Cruzr XC Saddle review would be complete without running through the features that take this saddle to another level.  In this article, we will discuss a few of those features.  First, let’s talk about the adjustable AmSteel bridge.  Having an adjustable bridge provides the user the ability to get their bridge to that exact length where they find the most comfort.  Next, the two rows of molle loops around the back of the saddle.  The top row of molle loops are loosely sewn and make a great spot for clipping carabiners and other gear.  The bottom row is a row of flat molle and is great for multiple aftermarket molle accessories.  Having these two options is very convenient when selecting where to place your gear on your saddle.  Next, the placement of the linemen loops on the saddle.  It’s really hard to explain, but when you’re wearing the Cruzr XC the linemen loops fall in the perfect place.  They’re easily accessible without having to look due to their position and stiffness.  They also have a blaze orange material on the inside of the loops allowing locating them in the dark to be a simple task as well.  All of these features paired with the pleat and the other great designs of the XC make it my favorite saddle on the market today!

cruzr xc saddle review

Hunting Saddles with High Standards

Cruzr came onto the saddle scene in 2018 and have been making quality products ever since.  If you read much in forums or on social media groups, you’ll quickly find some horror stories with some brand’s products and some brand’s customer service.  Rest assured, if you purchase a Cruzr saddle you are getting a quality product backed by a great group of guys!  Their customer service has continued to impress me each time I’ve had a question.  You can buy from Cruzr with confidence!

Hang Time

If you haven’t tried saddle hunting yet, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to to check out the Cruzr XC along with all of their other great products!  They also offer the Saddle Hunting Kit and Saddle Hunting Super Kit on their website where you can pick up everything you need to start saddle hunting!

cruzr xc saddle review pic 2

Ready to buy?  The Cruzr XC Saddle is sold and available on their website here. 

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