Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Ear Plugs Review

Maggie Boineau

I was very excited when my Decibullz Ear Plugs with percussive filters arrived, and I could not wait to try them out. However, I was scheduled to go to Nashville for a few days, so I had to wait until we returned. We arrived in Nashville, and as you would expect, amazing but very loud music from the annual Country Music Festival was in the air and coming at me from every direction. I laughed, thinking I could have used those earplugs, but I remembered that the Percussive Filter earpieces are intended to protect users’ hearing from gunshots, artillery fire, and explosives. Decibullz makes a lot of excellent hearing protection products, and it’s exciting to find out they just started offering high-fidelity molded earplugs that are great for loud concerts as well. Bonus . . . all the new Decibullz earplug molds are completely interchangeable with all of their products, making these molds so versatile!

decibullz percussive filters for shooting
Decibullz Percussive Filter Ear Plugs

The Percussive Filters protect users from the peak sound pressure of gunshots, and explosions, suppressing them to safe levels. When a percussive noise is not present the filters allow you to hear ambient noise.

Price: $74.99

Rating: The filters are ANSI IPIL certified up to 166 dB with a max NRR of 31.


  • 2 Sets of Decibullz Thermo-fit Earpieces
  • 2 Percussive Filters
  • Premium Hard Carrying Case
  • S, M, L Max Isolation Foam Tips
  • S, M, L, Triple Flange Silicone Tips

Molding the Custom Decibullz Ear Plugs

We had a great time in Nashville, and once I returned home, I reviewed the comprehensive instructions provided with the Percussive Filters, and I was looking forward to checking out the online video. I watched the video presentation and was eager to get my earplugs ready to mold. The presenter on the video tried his best to bring attention to all the critical aspects of molding the earplugs to ensure safety, not only in the preparation of the molds but to ensure they were correctly molded so that they performed flawlessly. I found it necessary to review the video twice to make sure I fully understood the process.

The use of “bullet” points throughout the video helped drive home the key points to follow. The process was straightforward, and although it was not nearly as hard as my attempt to ride a mechanical bull while I was in Nashville, I did need some help from my daughter when I started the process, to make sure I had properly molded the earplugs. Since you cannot see your own ears, it felt good to have her help to guide me when I was pressing the mold to the bowl of my ear.

decibullz percussive ear plugs packging

Addition Ear Plug Molding Advice

I would also recommend adding to the instructions that the molds will stay soft long enough to provide adequate time to work the mold to shape your ear. So there is no need to hurry the process, which I was inclined to do. With the earplugs in place, I pressed on the back of the filter every 30 seconds while the molds took form over the next five minutes. It was a good feeling to know that if for any reason, the molds were not perfect, you could return them to the hot water to soften them, and repeat the process.

Shooting at the Range

Now, with my Percussive Filters ready to go to work, my husband Trippett and I made our way to the range to do a little clay shooting to give them a try! I’m primarily a hunter, and I love wingshooting, as well as whitetail, hog, and turkey hunting. Since it’s summertime and hunting season doesn’t start for several months, I always look forward to getting to the range to do some clay shooting. I typically use foam earplugs when I am at the range because they are simple and readily available. The idea of using custom earplugs is very appealing to me, especially with the Percussive Filters so that I can hear conversations and have the protection I need when the shooting begins.

best shooting ear plugs

Tip to Try Multiple Tips

I had forgotten entirely to try out the different tips suggested in the video after my molds were ready, and once I got to the range, I started out using the medium Triple Flange Tips that I used during the molding process. I did not get the sense that it was the fit I was looking for when shots were being fired, and I quickly changed to the medium Foam Tip, and I was immediately happy with the results. I could hear conversations
clearly but felt confident that the earplug was performing well, with noticeable sound isolation. This is an essential aspect of getting the best out of the product… don’t forget to try out the tips after you mold your earplug. Take the tips to the range to try them in actual use.

molded percussive ear plugs for shooing

Final Thoughts

My hubby and I had a fantastic day on the clays course. We could not believe that we had two deer feeding about 125 yards away, and neither deer moved a muscle the entire time we were shooting at the stand. Trippett remarked that they must have been wearing Decibullz earplugs as well! In summary, I was pleased with the experience of molding my own earplugs and felt like the product performed very well on the shooting range. I completely forgot I was wearing them, so the comfort box was also checked. My hubby performed better than I did this round, but you did not “hear” that from me!

deer at shooting range


  • Molded Ear Plugs are Interchangable with Other Decibullz Products
  • Kit Includes Multiple Tip Types for Optimum Performance
  • So Comfortable, You Forget You are Wearing Them
  • Molding Process Allows Lots of Time to Get it Right, and You Can Redo it if Necessary


  • Custom Molding Process is Easier with a Helping Hand

Ready to buy? You can buy Decibullz Custom Molded Ear Plugs directly on their website, on Amazon, or you may find them for a discount at Gander Outdoors.

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