Easton Flipside Hip Quiver Review

Giancarlo Rosas

I am passionate about archery, and always looking for gear to make shooting easier when I’m on the range, 3D target shooting, and hunting. I shoot almost daily in my backyard archery range where my wife, kids, and I love to shoot.

Easton Flipside Quiver Basic Info

About a year ago, I bought the new Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver. The Flipside models come in 2-tube, 3-tube and 4-tube models. They have and a variety of colors for everyone’s liking. Colors include green, black, teal, red, blue, pink, Lost Camo XD and Realtree Edge. These hip quivers are the most popular because you can see your arrows and they are easier to each than using a back quiver. I chose the 3-tube quiver in Realtree Edge. These are not expensive, and if you’re trying to save a buck, this is it! I have seen these retail from anywhere from $13-23, these are from Amazon, eBay, and even Walmart.

Easton Flipside Hip Quiver

The innovative Flipside Hip Quiver by Easton is portable and for both right- and left-handed shooters thanks to its reversible hook-and-loop pocket. The Flipside Hip Quiver features a stainless steel belt clip attachment, integrated accessory attachment grommet, and integrated T-square slot.

Retail: $20.99-$25.99

  • Reversible hook-and-loop pocket
  • Fits both right- and left-handed shooters
  • Injection-molded arrow separator tubes
  • Stainless steel belt clip attachment
  • High-denier POLY construction

Why I Prefer a 3-Tube Hip Quiver

I switched from a 1-tube to a 3-tube because I was tired of having one tube with all my arrows in it. Cramped arrows started messing up my fletchings. Separate tubes are also helpful when you need to separate the good arrows from the bad arrows, or you use traditional arrows you don’t want to mess up your feathers. I can fit 4 arrows in each tube if I had to, maybe more, so in case you need to go to a 3D shoot with a bunch of arrows, this is a great deal! The tube can hold my 32″ arrows and crossbow bolts with no problem.

3-tube hip quiver

Easton Quiver Accessory Bag

One sweet thing is the Flipside comes with an integrated accessory pouch that attaches using Velcro, you can take it off and stick it on the opposite side, which makes it great for left- and right-hand shooters. The pouch also serves as a holder for my bow wax, range finder, and arrow puller! It also has pockets inside to keep your items organized. I am pretty sure you can fit more in there if you want, but it can get heavy. This quiver does weigh in at 3 pounds, which is heavier than the old one I was using. The added weight is something I will take for not having to use an extra bag like a fanny pack.

Easton 3-Tube Hip Quiver Details

The Easton Flipside Hip Quiver is built from a high-denier POLY construction, which seems to be very durable. I have dropped it a few times, and I don’t see any wear on it at all. This quiver also comes with integrated T-square slots, so you can also hold pens or pencils. The stainless-steel belt hook is reversible so that you can attach it to any side of your hip for left and right, you can even switch it so that it’s on either side with the arrows pointing forward or towards the rear. The Flipside is very customizable to your shooting preference.

backside of easton flipside

Review Summary

The Easton Flipside is an excellent quiver for the money. I recommend it to anyone that would benefit from separate arrow tubes, extra storage, or multiple placement options. Try one out an see how you like it.


  • Built out of High-Denier Poly
  • Includes Accessory Bag
  • Switches for Left and Right-handed Shooters
  • Comes in a Variety of Colors
  • Inexpensive


  • A bit heavy when loaded with gear
  • Flops around when walking
  • Tubes are not closed at the bottom, field tips could penetrate the bag

Ready to buy? Amazon has a wide selection of types and colors. You could also find a great deal at Gander Outdoors or Walmart.

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