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EZ-V Archery Sight Review- Best Sight for Bowhunting

Scott Taulbee

The EZ-V is the best bowhunting sight I have ever used. In this gear review, I’ll tell you why. I should begin by giving a little background on myself. I’ve bow hunted since age 8, I’m now 24. I’ve used just about every sight imaginable during that time. I’ve used everything from the cheap ones you pick up at Walmart to high dollar brands such as CBE, Montana Black Gold, etc. I’ve used single-pin, 3 pins, 4 pins, 5 pins, all the way to 7 pins. In my opinion, they all have had a couple flaws.

camo EZ V sight
EZ V Sight Review

Mathematically pre-ranges distance AND aligns aiming point with precision shot placement in 1-step and in 1/10th the time of a traditional pin sight.

Retail Price-

Black $139.99  — Camo $149.99

  • 1 V-Insert for ALL regulated hunted game species
  • Eliminates human error of accurately ranging distance
  • Unobstructed open-sight-picture alleviates target panic
  • No More fuzzy/fragile fiber optic pins for tired eyes

The Problem with Multipin Bow Sights

I’ll start with the multiple pin sights. If you want to shoot out to 50 yards, you’ll likely have 4 pins, that’s quite a bit to booger up your sight picture, not to mention if the animal is in between yardages you’ll have to try to “gap” shoot. With today’s bows being faster than ever before it translates to those pins being closer than in years past further cluttering your sight picture. So many of us got tired of that and got a single pin sight.

The Problem with Single Pin Bow Sights

Clutter was instantly gone. You can shoot those odd yardages with precision now. But in my opinion, it introduces a whole new world of problems for the bowhunter. I’ll give a real-world scenario I’m sure we’ve all witnessed. It’s November; You’re sitting where you’re sure that buck you’ve chased all year will be after a hot doe. You’ve sat a couple hours when you hear leaves crunch all around you. Your heart rate increases, and here he comes hot on a doe. You range him at 30, set your dial, come to full draw and all of a sudden he’s gone again. Here’s your dilemma. Do you guess and hold the pin high or low, or do you let down, risk spooking him and re-range? Now let me introduce the EZ-V Bow Sight.

The EZ V Sight Solves Both Problems

I’ve owned an EZ-V Bow Sight since February, and in my opinion, it’s the finest sight on the market. It’s made in Montana, Has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it, and includes a lifetime warranty. The EZ-V doesn’t have pins to clutter your view; instead, it has a hard plastic insert that is set to a bows’ FPS with “ticks” already set for yardages. It comes with several inserts, from 240fps to 320fps, a paper target to help, instructions and a handwritten note from the owner himself! It’s super simple to find the correct insert, you can use a chrono or match your current pins to the “ticks” on an insert. Whichever matches up is your speed.

Best Bow Hunting Sight

You Don’t Need a Rangefinder!

Here’s the best part… It’s your sight and rangefinder! You can range at full draw. Once you have the correct insert in place for your bow, it’s a simple gang adjust, you move the entire sight housing. Once perfect at 30 yards, you will be good from 20 yards out 60+ yards depending on the speed of your set up. As for the sight picture, you frame the tick marks on the vitals of the animal you’re shooting at. How I do that, is I place one tick mark on the shoulder, one on the ribs, it centers on the lungs, and I let it fly. It’s incredible how accurate it is doing that. When I practice with it, I don’t even range distance anymore, I throw a quiver full of arrows out randomly around my yard and walk to them and shoot.

Bowhunting results with EZ V Sight

To touch further on the rangefinder aspect of the EZ-V, imagine your animal is at 30 yards. When you try to frame the vitals with the 20-yard ticks, it will be spaced out too far. If you try the 40-yard tick marks, it will be too narrow on the vitals, but the 30 yards will frame perfectly. With a little practice, you won’t even have to think about it, I can tell you if an ole dumb country boy like me can do it, anybody can! It’s truly a game-changer for bow hunting.

EZ V Bowhunting Sight Review Summary

The price point is $139.99 for black and $149.99 for camo, plus shipping. Compared to what you’d have tied up in a rangefinder and sight separately, in my opinion, you can’t beat it. I’ve shown it to my dad and a buddy, and they bought one that day. My only fault with it is the color options. You only have one off-brand camo pattern and black. But that’s just being picky. Overall it’s a fantastic sight that I would recommend to everyone. Try it! You literally have nothing to lose!


  • No Pins to Crowd Your Sight Picture
  • No Adjustments Needed on the Fly
  • Eliminates the Need to Range Your Target
  • Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty


  • Limited Color Options

Ready to buy? The EZ V Sight is available in left and right haded models in both camo and black.

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Scott Taulbee lives in Mount Sterling Ky with his wife and 2 year old daughter. He loves to be in the woods and share it with his daughter as much as possible.

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