fireside outdoors pop-up fire pit review

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit Review

Jared Shaffer

As an avid camper, the centerpiece of any memorable evening is, of course, THE FIRE. Like peanut butter without jelly, it’s not a camping trip without the fire! If you have spent any time at different campgrounds throughout the U.S., you will agree that some fire pits are just a pain, and some almost unusable. The Pop-Up Pit from FireSide solves that problem in a lightweight package that folds up smaller than your standard camp chair!

Why Use a Portable Fire Pit?

I didn’t even know I NEEDED this fire pit until I saw it. LIGHTBULB moment! I have used whatever each campsite provided and not thought twice about a better fire pit. In my mind, the fire pit was one thing I couldn’t pack with me, so I never considered a lightweight, portable option.

Fireside Outdoors has designed a simple, yet brilliant portable fire pit that takes the hassle out of having a fire wherever you decide to camp.
After getting my hands on the Pop-Up Pit, I am impressed! When I pulled the case from the box, I was surprised by the size and weight of it.

Fireside Outdoor Fire Pit Review
Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit
Pricing is frequently discounted at

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit Base Kit- $119.95

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit & Heat Shield Combo- $139.95

Pop-Up Fire Pit Outdoor Tri-Fold Grill- $199.95

Pop-Up Fire Pit Outdoor Quad-Fold Grill- $219.95

● Weighs in at 8 lbs
● Entirely rust-proof materials
● Lightweight aluminum and stainless steel allow the Pop-Up to cool in just 90 seconds
● Stainless steel mesh allows more airflow for up to 80% less smoke
● HeatSheild enables the use of the Pit to on a wide variety of surfaces without fear of damage
● Packable frame folds into a carrying case that’s smaller than a camping chair

Fireside Outdoor Fire Pit Setup

The setup of the Pop-Up was an absolute BREEZE. As a typical dude, to test the ease of setup, I completely ignored the instruction sheet and still had the pit ready to go in less than two minutes. It’s that easy. I proceeded to get a good size fire going and let it burn down to coals so I could try out the next feature of the Pop-Up: the grill grate attachment.
This particular pit came as a combo package with the Pit, Heat Shield, and Trifold Grill Attachment. Like the rest of the unit, assembly of the grill grate was very easy even with a fire burning inside the pit. The attachment rails leave just enough room for a good bed of coals to cook over. The grate had no issues handling a heavy cast-iron skillet and had ample room to cook multiple items!

portable camping fire pit

Pop-Up Fire Pit with Grill Conclusion

When it came time to clean up, I let the coals burn out before tipping the entire pit over emptying it in a safe place. I had the whole assembly folded and neatly packed away in the included bag in less than one minute. Impressive!!

In conclusion, I am HIGHLY impressed with the Pop-Up fire pit and excited to use it on many camping adventures to come!

portable fire pit review
portable fire pit review


  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Bottom Allows Fire to Breathe, Creating Less Smoke
  • Safely Contains You Camp Fire
  • Easy to Clean Up
  • Grill is Convenient and Sturdy


  • Premium Price
  • A Few Sharp Edges on Metal

Ready to buy? The best place to buy a Fireside Outdoors Pop-Up Fire Pit is directly from You can purchase kits with just the Fire Pit, with a Heat Shield, and with the Grill. Don’t forget to sign up for their email list to get a coupon code!

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