FreshJax Spices Review

Chris Morris

I love grilling, but I especially love grilling wild game.  Not only is it organic and not pumped full of unnatural chemicals and steroids, but it’s also lean and very healthy.  Oh yeah, and it tastes awesome too. So why not season it with pure ingredients that are also organic and taste awesome?!

I recently got a chance to try out FreshJax Spices.  One of the first things I tried was grilling some venison burgers from a deer I killed in Kansas this past season.

If you haven’t had a Midwest venison burger, you’re missing out.  Our burgers here in the south are good, but have a different flavor due to the deer’s diet.  They are good for chili, spaghetti, etc., but seldom do I eat them as a stand-alone burger like you can with these.

fresh jax spices
FreshJax Organic Spices

Our seasonings, rubs, herb blends, salts, and spices are the secret ingredient you’ve been missing. Browse our products and you will find organic, non-radiated, non-GMO, no MSG, gluten-free, Kosher, Vegan and no preservatives, chemicals or dyes.

Price: $4.99+ (depending on choice)

• 100 different pure, organic ingredients
• Bold and exciting flavors
Single spices and blended seasonings available
• 30-day returns and exchanges

FreshJax Seasonings on Burgers

I used the burger seasoning blend from FreshJax Spices, combined with some onion soup mix and a pack of ranch seasoning for the prep. While this is a review of cooking spices, I was totally taken aback at how it transformed my deer burgers.  I felt like Emeril Lagasse. Bam!

I gave a couple of burgers to a friend and he was blown away at the flavor as well.   “Off the chain”, I believe is how he described them. I would agree.

fresh jax spices

FreshJax Spices on Venison

I also grilled some venison backstrap and tenderloin using the Peppered Habanero and the Rosy Cheeks Maple Bourbon BBQ spice.

The Peppered Habanero spice blend was excellent and gave a very complementary kick to the loin. I added only the Habanero spice and a small amount of sea salt to get a good representation of the spice on the meat. I grilled them for a college football gathering and they were a huge hit.

The Maple Bourbon BBQ spice blend did not really work very well. Although it does say it’s better on chicken, fish, and ribs, I still gave it a chance on the venison tenderloin. It didn’t seem very compatible. The Steak Chop House seasoning would probably have been a better choice.

FreshJax Spice Options

They have several gift packages and variety packs where you can sample their wide selection of spices and blends and build your own custom 3- or 5-pack package. They seriously have a spice for whatever food you’re cooking, including meats, vegetables, side dishes, sauces, and even drinks and desserts.

For $24.99 you can get a 5-spice gift set or you can buy them individually. I would definitely recommend the spices. Not only are they made by a local company in Florida, but they’re organically made as well.

fresh jax spices
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FreshJax Spice Review Summary

Overall, I really liked the spices and blends I tried. There’s probably some education that goes along with which spices to pair with which foods, but that’s the cooking process for you. I’m impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the range of options they have available. I’d definitely recommend it if you like to cook.


  • Numerous spices and blends to choose from
  • High-quality, organic ingredients
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Great price for the quality


  • Need to pair the spices with the right food

Ready to buy?  You can buy them directly or save yourself time by purchasing from Amazon.

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Chris Morris has been hunting his home state of Alabama for 37+ years. He has killed 3 Pope & Young bucks the past 3 years with his bow in Kansas and 3 bucks over 140″ in Alabama with a gun. That being said, turkey hunting is his passion. Where every bird is a trophy.

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