Houndstooth Mouth Call Pouch Review

Andrew Maxwell

As a turkey hunter, the last thing I want to worry about is having to dig around in a pocket in my turkey vest to find a small plastic box that contains the mouth call that I think I need at that exact moment. To alleviate the pain in the rear end that mouth call boxes cause us turkey hunters, Houndstooth Game Calls began producing a pouch meant to be worn around the neck that holds all of your mouth calls and allows for quick and easy access. I received the pouch before Alabama’s March 16th turkey opener and have hunted with it since. I estimate that my pouch has seen roughly 25+ days afield at this point in areas ranging from swamps to mountains.

houndstooth game calls
Houndstooth Mouth Call Pouch

The Houndstooth Game Calls mouth call pouch is made of cordura material with metal grommets and magnetic closure. It will hold 6 mouth calls or 12 mouth calls if you want to hold 2 in each slot. It’s built to last for many seasons to come!

Retail: $24.99

  • Cordura Construction
  • 550 Paracord Lanyard
  • Holds Up to 12 Mouth Calls
  • Magnetic Closure

Houndstooth Mouth Call Pouch Design

The mouth call pouch has a simple design with essentially two flaps having 3 pockets each. The pockets are spacious enough to fit two mouth calls if you want to take more than 6 calls with you on your hunt. This is nice for anyone who likes to have a wide variety of turkey sounds at their disposal. A slight drawback to that feature is the fact that it does not have a very tight hold on single mouth calls. When the pouch is open, the calls in the top flap can sometimes begin to slip out. Although slightly inconvenient, it has not caused any real issue with the performance of the pocket thus far. When the pouch is closed, all the pockets face up, just like a shirt pocket, so the chances of a mouth call falling out when your moving around are pretty much zero.

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Built to Last

I am happy with the durability of this pouch. The pouch itself is made up of Cordura material which stands up to some abuse. Even if it’s worn around the neck, it’s nice to have that quality material there for if you do get in a situation where it will brush against briars, rocks or another abrasive surface.

An initial concern I had before receiving this product was the neck loop. When wearing something like this pouch around your neck, there is a chance you could catch it on a limb while moving through brush and break the cord or the connection between the cord and pouch. Thankfully, the neck loop is made out of a very thick 550 paracord type material that runs through a metal grommet on the pouch. I don’t know the exact tensile strength of the cord is but to break it you’d probably have to be running full speed and snag it on a limb, but even then, I’m not sure it would break. I appreciate that attention to detail in a spot that would be prone to failure.


Lastly, my hands down favorite thing about the Houndstooth Mouth Call Pouch are the magnets used to keep it closed. I don’t know why so many hunting products avoid the use of magnets over Velcro or snap buttons, but Houndstooth hit the nail on the head with this. The magnet is very powerful, and in 25+ days of turkey hunting this Spring, I haven’t had it pop open. Another advantage of the magnet is the fact that it basically snaps itself back together. I’ve had multiple situations this spring where I needed to switch calls with turkeys in tight. It was always easy to open the pouch, slip a call out, and have the pouch basically close itself. I wasn’t having to try and line up a snap button or some kind of buckle. One thing to be mindful of with the magnets is the fact that if you let them jolt together from too far apart, it will make a snapping sound.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I’d highly recommend this product for anyone who likes to run multiple mouth calls while turkey hunting. It is practical for use in the field and helps organize your calls. Before I ran this pouch, I had all my mouth calls in the cheap plastic boxes they come in. The pockets could be slightly smaller, but that issue ultimately did not hurt the performance of the product in a hunting situation. After 25+ days of chasing public land turkeys from the mountains of East Alabama to the Lowlands of South Georgia the pouch hardly even shows signs of use. Although turkey season is wrapping up in my home state, this pouch will see action again this fall in Colorado when I use it to hold elk calls!


  • Durable Construction
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Keeps Calls Ready


  • Pockets are Loose for Single Calls

Ready to buy? Houndstooth sells direct and through small mom and pop retailers. You can find the Mouth Call Pouch on the Houndstooth website.

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Andrew Maxwell is the owner and co-host of the Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast and YouTube channel, and a State Captain for the Southeastern Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. He grew up hunting and fishing in central Alabama, mostly on public lands. He now hunts public lands exclusively for any game the South has to offer. He can be reached at aloutdoors8@gmail.com

Instagram- @j.a_maxwell

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