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HuntStand Pro Review – The Best Value in Digital Scouting Software For Hunters

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HuntStand Pro Mobile App Review

The ever-evolving digital world that we live in today has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, including the way we hunt.  Whether you’re running cellular trail cameras on hunting properties hundreds of miles away or digitally scouting and planning your next hunt from the comfort of your home, there’s no denying that technology has revolutionized hunting.  One of the greatest advancements in modern-day hunting today is the ability to scout 365 days a year from your cell phone!

Digital scouting application such as HuntStand has made it easier than ever to explore areas and it’s become extremely helpful as hunters search out new properties across the country to chase their prey.  Whether you’re scouting public land or researching private landowners, the HuntStand Pro app is an invaluable resource to help you this hunting season.  That leads me to my review today of the HuntStand Pro app that you can learn more at on

best digital map for scouting deer
HuntStand Pro  App

America’s #1 hunting and land management tool.  Powerful, useful, and as simple as possible, the HuntStand app can combine GPS satellite mapping, data analytics, and land-management functionality. It works on and offline by caching maps and weather, game, and asset data to your phone.

Price: 29.99 

The History of HuntStand

HuntStand is a South Carolina-based company that was developed in 2013 to help hunters like you and I. Utilizing GIS data and digital imagery, the designers created a land-tract mapping application that allows users to customize hunting areas (maps) to suit their needs utilizing only their smartphones.  You can utilize HuntStand all year long to scout and record data to help you in your pursuit of wild game for years to come.  The free version of the mobile application is loaded with features that hunters across the country have fallen in love with.

Did you know that HuntStand now offers a Pro version that packs in even more great features for digital scouting and land management in the palm of your hand.  The Pro version is only $29.99 and includes more features than their competitors, at a fraction of the cost.  The combination of unique features at a great price point has allowed HuntStand to become the country’s number one hunting and land management app.

HuntStand is a subsidiary of TerraStride. TerraStride specializes in real estate mapping tools, so it’s natural they would use their experience in mapping technology and bring a fresh look to outdoor navigation.

HuntStand Pro Features that make it worth the Investment!

is the hunstand pro version worth it
  • Advanced Property Search

  • Weather Maps

  • Monthly Satellite Imagery

  • Trail Camera Pro

  • Additional Layers

  • Treestand reservation management tool

  • No Ads!!!

  • Offline Mapping

Advanced Property Search

The most important part of any digital map scouting software for me is the ability to research landowner information.  This function alone has allowed me to learn who owns nearby properties, allowing me to gain hunting permission, and even helping me purchase my first piece of land!  Having updated landowner data in the palm of your hand is an invaluable asset.

Imagine driving down the road, spotting a strutting gobbler in a field.  All you have to do is pick up your phone, click the property that the turkey is on and you’ll find out who owns it, what the address is to the property, the mailing address for the landowner, and the property boundaries.  This scenario came to life this past turkey season and within just a few minutes of spotting a stutter, I knew the landowner’s name, where they lived, and had permission to hunt their property.  Ten minutes later, I was set up with a decoy as the gobbler strutted into range.

You can also utilize the search function to look up additional tracts of land that the landowner has or look up the property by its address or GPS Coordinates.  I utilize this function almost daily.  Landowner information is available NATIONWIDE at no additional charge.  Some mobile apps require you to purchase each state or pay a premium for the entire country, but HuntStand Pro includes this information for no additional cost.

Custom and Accurate Weather Information! 

Huntstand Pro allows you to customize your weather information to your hunting location within the app.  You can view the weather data within the app for current conditions, and future forecasts to help you plan your next hunt.  The detailed 72-hour report has been helpful time and time again and the five-day look-ahead just makes me wish I had more vacation days so I can keep hunting.  The radar has been helping me decide on which property, treestand, or ground blind to hunt for the day.

HuntZone – Your Edge in Whitetail Woods

The HuntZone wind map feature is a patent-pending technology that allows you to see the impact of your scent over time. It shows wind speed, direction, and time in one simple, unified package.  This feature alone is worth the $30 investment.  A lot of hunters struggle to understand wind direction and this function provides education data that will help you be more successful in the whitetail woods.

The LandZone feature follows the same concept but is used for waterfowl hunting to determine where waterfowl will most likely land. With this tool, you can plan a waterfowl set-up based on the wind speed and direction, which lets you quickly and accurately set up your decoy spread, in the dark, for best results.  This is a must-have for Waterfowl Hunters!

best wind mapping app for hunting
adding trail camera photos to huntstand

TrailCam Pro – Trail Camera Management System

The TrailCam Pro feature will require the use of the desktop version of HuntStand Pro, which is included at no extra charge.  To use this feature, first create a trail camera location.  Next, add trail camera images to each trail camera location.   You can even tag specific deer and utilize this function to track and predict that animals movements across your hunt area.  After you’ve collected enough data on a specific buck, you can utilize the more detailed features to pattern the buck based on wind direction, weather patterns, moon phase, and much more.  This unique trail camera management tool can be a game-changer if you invest the time into utilizing it as it was designed.  It’s simple to utilize and a fun learning tool for even the most experienced hunters.

Satellite Imagery Updates Every Month! 

HuntStand Pro offers monthly satellite imagery updates, which is the first of it’s kind in the digital hunting map mobile application niche.  The updated and detailed satellite imagery depicted in HuntStand Pro is second to none!  When comparing imagery to other mobile mapping applications, HuntStand rises to the top immediately.

How does HuntStand manage to update its satellite imagery so often?  HuntStand utilizes micro-satellite technology.  This up-to-date imagery is invaluable during hunting season because you might even get lucky enough to see which landowners have harvested their crops and which ones haven’t!   In timbered areas, you can see clear cuts or even burn areas in elk country!

huntstand pro vs onx hunt
tracking app for hunting

Trace Tracking Features

The Trace tracking feature is a great tool for marking roads, trails or measuring the distance of your hike.  I like using the Trace tracking feature on new properties that allow me to use a motor vehicle.  I’ll drive all of the roads with the Trace tracking feature activated, ensuring that I stop and save the track each time before doubling back.  This keeps my map area clean and neat.  After I’m finished, I start scouting the areas that do not have roads nearby.

Another great way to use the Trace Tracking feature is during shed season.  I’ll turn it on and walk a property, ensuring that I don’t miss any potential hot spots that might be holding shed antlers.  This feature has helped me find better places to hunt and add more shed antlers to my collection! – It’s more than just a mobile app

HuntStand also offers a desktop version of the app that syncs up to your account just like the mobile application on your smartphone.  I found that the web version a little easier to navigate for a beginner, however, I used it less after getting more comfortable with the mobile app.  To access the desktop version of HuntStand Pro, simply sign in to your account at with the same log-in credentials as the HuntStand Pro app and all of your information and data that you’ve collected on the mobile version will also appear in the desktop version.  From here, you can view your previous data, waypoints, and layers just like you would on your phone.  You can also edit and create new maps inside the desktop version just like the mobile application.  Utilizing the desktop version allows you to see the map on a larger screen from a different perspective, which is nice.  I recommend using both the desktop and mobile version of HuntStand Pro to give you a different perspective on your hunting area.

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HuntStand PRO App Review Summary

The free version of the HuntStand app is a must for every hunter, hiker, or backpacker.   However, for less than $30 it is a no-brainer to upgrade to the HuntStand Pro app.  The added benefits and features of the Pro version are a great investment, especially when you compare it to their competitor’s prices and lack of features.  If you’re using the FREE version, you might see an ad from time to time, however, the Pro version is free of ads!  The additional layers, nationwide landowner data, treestand reservation tool, and other features make it worth the investment.   The satellite imagery that’s updated monthly is a MUST-HAVE that you must test for yourself before you can appreciate it.  There’s a ton of great features in HuntStand Pro that make it worth the investment and it’s one of the few products in the hunting industry that can actually help you be more successful each hunting season.


  • Inexpensive – $29.99 retail
  • Ad FREE
  • Wind Indicator – HuntZone feature is a must have!
  • Satellite imagery updated monthly
  • Trail camera tracking software included


  • Navigating the application can be tricky.   There’s a ton of features that you could miss out on if you don’t spend the time to learn how to use them.
  • Doesn’t Integrate with External Map Sources

Ready to try? Just search “HuntStand” in the app store on your favorite mobile device! If you want to pay for the Pro version, go to and use the promo code HGD10 to save 10% at checkout.

Use the Discount Code:  HGD10 at checkout to save 10%!

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