LiteBoots 16″ Classic Boots Review

Ryan Bailey

I enjoy going to different hunting shows and expos when time and location allow. This year at the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh, North Carolina a new product really caught my eye. I saw a large “buzz” around a booth and saw a tremendous amount of people carrying around the same box that said LITE on it. I had asked a few people about the boxes that they were carrying around and found out that the booth with all the traffic was Lite Boots. The guy I was talking to had purchased a pair and told me that I had to check them out!

lightest hunting boots on the market
Lite Boots 16″ Classic

The lightest 16″ waterproof boot on the market.

  • LITE BOOTS utilize a one-piece injection-molded construction that eliminates the need for glued seams, ensuring they remain 100% waterproof. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with delamination, cracking, or leakage.

Price: $90

  • 100% waterproof, seamless one-piece design!
  • Weight only 13oz per boot! (size 10)
  • Insulated (temp rating 10-80 degrees F)

The Lightest 16″ Hunting Boots Ever Made

The gentleman opened his box and tossed me one of the boots. When I caught it…. I was simply blown away! Just as the name implies, Lite is a great way to describe these boots. Since being introduced to them, I’ve found the exact specifications on the boots and found that they weigh in at only 13 ounces per boot (26 ounces per pair). That weight is extremely light compared to other hunting boots from other popular brands. For example, two of the more popular company’s rubber boots weigh in at 4.2 pounds per pair and 4.5 pounds per pair. The Lite Boots are 1 pound 10 ounces for the entire pair! More than half of the others!

Are the LiteBoots 16″ Classic Boots Comfortable?

When I felt how light the boots were, I immediately began to think about comfort and price.  We’ll discuss comfort first. The Lite Boots are a seamless one-piece design that is very comparable to the feel of a slide on Croc. To me personally, these are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had on my feet! There isn’t an insole, as they are a one-piece design, but the
insole is basically made into the sole. If you wanted to add an insole of your choice, you have that option as well. I personally love the feel they provide just as they come!

Are the LiteBoots 16″ Classic Boots worth the price?

Again, after feeling how light these boots were I immediately thought about comfort and price.  Comfort wasn’t an issue, and the price wasn’t either! Coming in at $90, these boots are very affordable. In comparison to other popular brands, the Lite Boots are some of the cheapest on the market. I purchased my pair immediately after trying a pair on at the show and was even happier to find out that they were running a show special of $80! I knew I had to try a pair so I pulled the trigger and went home with a pair in green.

best price on lite boots

Are the LiteBoots 16″ Classic Boots Waterproof?

One of the most frustrating things in my experience with different types of boots is the level of waterproofing. No matter what type of boots I get, they always end up leaking. Because the Lite Boots are a solid one-piece design there aren’t any seams and don’t have anywhere to leak! I’ve been pleasantly surprised with them thus far as they haven’t leaked at all, and I’ve
spent a lot of time walking through water in them. I also have a friend that has worn them trout fishing while walking through the river and he reported back the same thing that they had not leaked at all.

Features:  LiteBoots 16″ Classic Boots

If there was a negative to these boots, it would be the color options offered. Currently, they only come in brown and green and aren’t offered in any camouflage patterns. It wasn’t an issue to me, but some people like for their boots to be in their favorite camo pattern. Although they don’t offer any camouflage patterns, they do offer a “Wide Calf” version for those who have larger calves. I thought this was a unique offer that I don’t recall seeing in any other boot manufacturer.

Are the LiteBoots 16″ Classic Boots durable enough for the hunt?

I’ve owned these boots since early March and have worn them throughout March and April.  I’ve walked multiple miles in them scouting for turkeys and on every turkey hunt I’ve been on this spring. So far, I haven’t had any issues at all. They have held up well and show no signs of wear. I will however note that the company posted the following warning on its website:

Warning – As awesome as these boots are, they don’t like extreme temperatures. Exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time (bed of your truck, or closed vehicle with no window tint), or high heat (furnace, fireplace), can cause these boots to shrink or deform.

LiteBoots 16″ Classic Boots Review Summary

Overall, these have now become my favorite pair of boots! The comfort is unmatched, they’re solid when walking through creeks and streams, and they seem to be durable enough to withstand whatever I put them through. They are also rated down to 10-degree weather! I’ve been thoroughly impressed with them thus far and look forward to walking many more miles in
them and putting them through the paces. I would definitely recommend these boots to anybody looking for a good quality rubber boot that is LITE!!!

Ready to buy?  Lite Boots are sold and available on their website here. 

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Ryan Bailey is a proud Christian, husband, father, and law enforcement officer from North Carolina.  Ryan is an avid turkey and deer hunter. He enjoys editing content for YouTube, saddle hunting, and much more related to the outdoors! You can follow along with his adventures on the Dead End Game Calls Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the Mossy Oak GO app.

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