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Modern Step Digital Scale Review

Brian Batta

I’ve been using this Modern Step Hanging Scale for about 6 months now. Initially, I thought the scale would be perfect for use when we butcher wild game or the hogs we raise. It performed as expected in the meat shop, but I didn’t predict how useful it would become. I’ve now been using this scale almost every day for work and at home.

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Modern Step Digital Big Game Scale

Just insert batteries, set up pound or kg, hang the hook and you are ready to weigh. Perfect for weighing wild hog, deer, bear, and any fish over 20lb, up to 660 lbs. 2-inch long LCD can be seen from 30′ away. The heavy-duty aluminum certified case comes with the Modern Step Lifetime Guaranty.

Retail Prices- Aluminum Body $49.97

Plastic Body $37.95

  • Hunting, fishing, or Farm Use
  • Up to 660-Lb Capacity
  • 2-inch long LCD LED Display
  • High Precision Sensors with Graduation Increments of 0.2lb or 0.1kg

Big Game Scale Build to Last

Upon opening the package, I immediately noticed how well built the scale appeared. The aluminum body has held up exceptionally well. It comes with a heavy-duty S-hook and shackle to attach the scale between a hanger and whatever you are wanting to weigh. My only modification was adding a piece of electrical tape to keep the S-hook on the scale, so it wouldn’t fall off in between uses. I really liked the large 2” digital readout; however, it was difficult to read in the dark. It will read in lbs., kg, and n. The hold and tare functions are nice features.

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Multiple Uses for a Hanging Scale

My main purpose in using the Modern Step Hanging scale is to weighing items for work that are being shipped. I work for a farm equipment dealership, and we are shipping items every week, if not daily. Before I was asked to review this scale, I didn’t have a method to weigh the pallets before sending them out. I just had to make an educated guess and hope for the best. This scale has allowed me to get an accurate weight and minimize shipping costs. I’ve weighed items above 400lbs over and over again. With a 660lb load rating, this scale seems to take it in stride. The only thing left to do is to see what happens if you overload the scale.

What Happens When You Exceed the Weight Limit of the Scale?

This morning I found an item that would exceed the 660lb limit set by the manufacturer. I picked up the 3-point caddy, slowly watching the numbers on the scale increase. You’ll see in my pictures that it registered over 700lbs before simply giving an ERR for error. This 3-point caddy is likely more than 1000lbs. After testing it by lifting the caddy entirely off the ground, the scale still performed flawlessly.

Heavy Duty Game Scale Review Summary

I’ve found the Modern Step Digital Scale to be perfect for my use in almost every way. It is built exceptionally well and can take a beating on a daily basis. The only drawback I found is that it is a little hard to read in the dark. If you are looking for a good game scale or a scale for any other use, this one will do the job. It’s rare for my items to exceed the 660lb limit, but when they do, it’s nice to know it won’t destroy the scale. Buy with confidence!


  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Large Numbers are Easy to Read
  • Passed the Overload Test


  • Screen is Not Backlit, Making it Hard to Read in Low Light

Ready to buy? You can get the Modern Step 660# Scale on Amazon. They also have a lower-cost model with a plastic housing if you are looking to save some money.

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