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Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Archery Target Review

Will Howard Wendland

As a bowhunter, practicing is a huge part of my preparation for the upcoming hunting season. We all know how critical making a good shot is to quickly and ethically harvest a deer. Making that clean, precise shot has a lot to do with how well you have practiced and focused your efforts in the offseason. It also is impacted by the gear you practice with, namely your target.

Quality Archery Targets by Morrell

Buying a bow target can sometimes feel like an investment due to high prices that many manufacturers ask for their products. But you don’t always have to spend a fortune to get a high-quality target. If you’re looking for a value-priced target that will last and perform just as well as the high-dollar competitors, a Morrell target might be right for you! Morrell has been making targets since 1986, and many people are familiar with their Yellow Jacket line of products. I received a Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 target to review, and below, you’ll find my thoughts and experience with the product.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3

Morrell’s Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Bag Archery Target gives you capability of a shooting target to withstand abuse of compound bows with super easy arrow removal. The Yellow Jacket Supreme is known for its super easy two finger arrow removal. This target can withstand thousands of shots from compound bows.

Retail Price: $49.99

  • Withstands Thousands of Shots
  • Easy Arrow Removal- known for two finger removal
  • Hand & Grommets Included for Easy Transport or Hanging
  • Replacable Cover
  • Made in the USA

Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Dimensions

When I received the Yellow Jacket Supreme 3, it was in pristine condition and had no visible flaws from the factory. The target measures roughly 25” tall and 23” wide and is about 12” thick. It weighed about 27 lbs. One of the first things I noticed about the target was how firm it felt. Compared to other similar targets that I’ve owned, this target seemed to be a little better put together than others. It has somewhat of a ‘frame’ (for lack of better terms) around the outside edges that help keep the target upright and have prevented it from ‘squatting down’ over time. The Supreme 3 bag material is high-quality and felt like it could take many field points without a problem.

Morrell Target First Impressions

As you could imagine, I didn’t waste much time taking the target to my backyard and slinging a few arrows downrange. One thing I immediately liked about this target was the color scheme. I always wear contacts or glasses because I don’t have the best eyesight. Occasionally, seeing things through a peep-sight at longer distances can be challenging for me, especially in low-light. Morrell did a great job with the contrasting black/red targets on a yellow background. I have no problem clearly seeing what I’m aiming at from up close to 50 yards away.

Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Positives

I immediately noticed the very satisfying thud the target produces when hit. So, if visual confirmation of a clean hit on the target isn’t enough, you’ll definitely hear what you’ve hit it! Arrow removal was effortless, which was a huge relief! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a field point get snagged in whatever filler matrix some companies use in their targets. There’s nothing more frustrating than having an arrow get stuck, putting your practice on hold. That hasn’t been a problem for me with the Yellow Jacket, and arrow removal has been a breeze.

Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Negative

One small disappointment was the handle on top. After a couple weeks of use, the stitching attaching the handle busted on one side. I hadn’t had the target very long and was perplexed at what would’ve caused it to fail during such a simple task like carrying. On a positve note, you could easily tie a handle between the new hanging grommets if you’d like.

Morrell Target Review

Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Weatherability Tests

 As a student in graduate school, sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me, and I have to try my own little kooky experiments. I had two in mind with this target, both related to the Morrell Yellow Jacket 3 being left outside. I’ll start with the first.

  • EXP 1: I live a pretty busy, sometimes hectic life and don’t always have time to put my targets away in the house or garage. I’ve noticed with targets I’ve used in the past that the paint/coating color fades or peels quickly. Whether it was a foam animal-shaped target or bag-style like this one, the colors never seemed to last long, requiring constant touch-up paint to keep them visible. I left this target outside for two weeks in the middle of the summer in Alabama. If you’ve never experienced it, the heat and humidity are RELENTLESS. After the two weeks, I looked for evidence of fading colors or paint peeling and didn’t see any problematic signs. The targets still remained just as visible as when I received the Yellow Jacket 3.
  • EXP 2: With my occasional forgetfulness, it isn’t uncommon for me to accidentally leave a target outdoors and have a rainstorm blow through, soaking the target, doubling the weight. Taking days (or weeks) to dry all the way through. Having a wet, heavy target is really inconvenient, especially when you want to move it around for different shooting angles and distances. I left the target out through a good Alabama rainstorm (lasted several hours, rained .25-.50”). Afterward, I tried moving the target around. While the outside of the target was obviously soaked, I couldn’t feel any additional weight that had been added. This target is well-made enough that it seems to repel water without soaking any up from the ground, allowing for all-around easier transport and handling. 


  • Firm Build with Frame to Hold Shape
  • Easy to Pull Arrows with no Snagging Material
  • Colrs are Easy to See and Don’t Fade
  • Weatherproof and Doesn’t Soak Up Water
  • Excellent Value


  • Weak Stitching on Nylon Handle

Best Value Archery Target

If you’re on this website, you’re obviously a value-minded hunter looking for affordable but high-performing products. I think the Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 target definitely falls into that category. It can be found at several online retailers for $40-$60. Given my experience, it performs well and is extremely affordable. For the price, you’re getting a high-quality target that will last you well beyond the hunting season.

Ready to buy? The best value with free shipping can by found on Amazon. Usually lees the the $50 retail price.

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Will Howard Wendland is a graduate student at Auburn University working with nutrient management for cotton. He loves spending time outdoors, especially bowhunting for whitetail deer. He also enjoys hunting ducks, quail, turkey, and doves and likes to fish, too!

Instagram- @wh_wendland

Twitter- @wh_wendland

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