Most Comfortable Ultralight Saddle? – Trophyline Venatic Saddle Review

Weston Schrank

The Venatic Saddle – Most Comfortable Hunting Saddle

When you think about the next generation of saddle – making leaps and bounds over what is currently out there you think…new tech, new material, new ideas…The Venatic saddle is all of those things. In collaboration with Matthew Tompkins over at TX5 Custom Gear Trophyline launched the Venatic Saddle and Venatic saddle kit. This brought luxury to the saddle hunting market in a sleek ultralight and minimalistic approach. 

My reaction to the saddle when I first held it is what ensues all who hold it…disbelief. It literally shocks you that a hunting system can be that light. That jaw drop is only trumped by the experience of putting it on as it feels like nothing is there. This truly is a saddle that bridges to the next generation of ultralight comfort when it comes to saddle hunting, yet it does not compromise on comfort…in fact, it emboldens it!

The goal was clearly defined and hit on the mark with the Venatic – offering a USA-made saddle that laid waste to those before it in weight, packability, comfort, mobility, and ultimately function as a lightweight hunting system.

Trophyline Venatic Saddle

The Next Generation of Saddles is Here. USA MADE – Ultralight saddle hunting refined…The most comfortable saddle you will ever sit in and one of the lightest in existence, meet the VENATIC SADDLE. A saddle designed to push you further and hang longer…a saddle designed to let you HUNT…designed to let you BE MOBILE

Price: $229.99

  • Weight: 20 oz for saddle (without the bridge), 30 oz (includes bridge/carabiner),
  • 33” Adjustable 3/8” Rope bridge. Comes with Prusik and Black Diamond Carabiner

The Venatic Saddle Offers

First off, one Made in the USA checks the big box for hunters across the states employing saddle hunting. As most hunters learn, you don’t truly appreciate the features built into a hunting saddle until you get hands-on and sit in it. This is where the Venatic really shines. The combination of the ultralight ripstop material + the rubber waistband on the backside of the saddle allows the saddle to grip your clothing allowing the saddle to not feel like its present when not in use (you standing or walking). The added hanger and rubber molle allow you to hang the saddle up off the back of your legs while in transit to the tree, while a simple release gets it ready to hunt. 

While you appreciate the comfort and weight on the walk in, you don’t fully grasp the design until you sit back in it. With higher back support and spaced support with the webbing throughout the saddle you’re supported where support is needed, yet still allowing your hips with room to breathe. This is an all day sitter without a problem…

With this many features, there isn’t much the venatic doesn’t offer. Going with an upgrade to the top saddle in my opinion is warranted with it coming with peace of mind and not switching your setup for many years! What really blows my mind upon initially trying it is the kit you can build with it. Trophyline sells the venatic in a kit, coming with two techcore 8mm ropes and a venatic pouch made from the same material. This kit creates a deadly sleek and ultralight saddle system. If you want to jump into an elite and optimized setup from the get go – this is it.

Venatic Specs

Here are all the details and specs on the Trophyline saddle – 


  • Weight: 20 oz for saddle (without the bridge), 30 oz (includes bridge/carabiner),
  • Rubberized Waistband
  • Raptor Waist and leg strap buckles
  • Ultralight Ripstop Fabric Construction
  • Rigid Rubber Molle Band
  • Two bands of additional Molle
  • Saddle Compression Hook
  • Durable Foldback lineman loops
  • Adjustable Waist Buckle and Band Position
  • 33” Adjustable 3/8” Rope bridge. Comes with Prusik and Black Diamond Carabiner



  • Weight is minimal

  • Rubberized waist band
  • Built with ultralight kit
  • Fold-up back for the walk in


  • Being so ultralight the material does breath…It is colder than saddles with windproof material like the covert pro.

  • Not a easy “beginner” price – USA Made – you get what you pay for!

Being Relentless

This season, with the venatic behind me (literally), I was the fastest/lightest and most efficient I have ever been. I ran hard in Indiana and Kentucky on a fair bit of public and a few private properties. My system consisted of the venatic kit (brown), the Sumpter Frame pack in public, the palisade in private, 2 double-step mini sticks, and a wingman platform. The critical gear I also carried included a dew claw hanger from innovating the outdoors and a movable aider. My base system weighed 7.1 lbs (sticks and platform), with the venatic coming in under 2 lbs, I was extremely lightweight and agile – a huge plus for someone carrying in self-filming equipment on top of all the hunting gear! 

I hunted a public land brute all season long, jumping into 4 different trees on the south side of his main bedding area, and 3 trees on the north side. I also made a few mad runs in the bedding early in the season playing water in dry spells. This system with the venatic the wingman and the movable aider all in combination was so efficient I felt confident to play early morning thermals, then switch when they switched or a wind shift occurred in the middle of a morning hunt. I saw this buck on two occasions on the hoof – once at 80 yards and once at 60. Ultimately I found him dead after the season just 100 yards from where I devoted so much time. I knew I had him dialed. It was just the timing and not spending enough time in the woods that ultimately sealed my fate not harvesting this buck. 

Ultimately I found myself so confident in my system I fell into a 1 v 1 match with this buck, only thinking about plays and his decision making, not thinking about any potential limitations my gear in previous years may have held me back with! If you haven’t jumped into saddle hunting – it can be freeing, just as much so dialing in your gear to being the most efficient. If you’re thinking of making the switch the the venatic – It is a must.

Ready to buy? Venatic Saddles and Saddle Kits can be purchased directly from Trophline or through a dealer.

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Weston Schrank is a hunting industry professional with years of whitetail management and hunting experience in the Midwest. He is currently expanding that experience in the mobile hunting world, and the world of western hunting.

Instagram- @wes.schrank

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