moultrie trail cam reviews

Moultrie A700i Budget Trail Cam Review

Brian Grossman

Perfect Compromise Between Image Quality and Affordability

I’ve been running Moultrie cameras since the days of needing D-cell batteries and being the size of a small suitcase. But when I got serious about running public land trail-cameras a few years back, I opted to go with a cheap Tasco model to ease my fears of any of those cameras disappearing between checks. While I loved the price point and simplicity of the Tasco cameras, I was never quite satisfied with the image quality. They were acceptable for $30, but not what I was used to with my Moultries. Recently I was asked to review the Moultrie A700i game camera, and I quickly found it to be the perfect compromise between the affordability of the Tascos and the performance of my more expensive Moultries.

moultrie trail camera reviews

Moultrie A700i Trail Camera Review

The A700i is a workhorse with amazing camera features: 14 MP images, 0.7 second trigger speed, 50 FT detection and flash range, invisible flash, HD video recording, and much more!

Retail: $109.99

■ 14 MP images
■ Invisible flash
■ 50’ detection and flash range
■ 0.7 second trigger speed
■ Record HD video
■ 2-Year Warranty

5 Easy Steps to Set Up the Moultrie A700i

The first thing I noticed about this new Moultrie, aside from its very compact size, was that setup was effortless and very similar to what I found with the Tascos. In just five easy steps, you can have the A700i setup and ready to capture high-quality images of deer and other wildlife where you hunt. Those five steps include:

  1. Set the time & date
  2. Set the delay between photos (anywhere from 15 sec to 5 min)
  3. Set the shot mode (1-shot, 3-shot, or video mode)
  4. Set the camera ID (if running multiple cameras)
  5. Format the SD card, if needed

That’s it! Once you have your settings where you want them, it’s as simple as strapping it to a tree, pointing it in the right direction, and flipping the switch to the “on” position. 

Clear and Crisp Trail Camera Photos

While Moultrie may have kept the A700i simple, this no-frills camera carries both the quality of construction and performance I’ve come to expect from Moultrie. At 14MP, both daytime and nighttime photos are clear and crisp out to the camera’s 50-foot flash range. And since I run cameras primarily on public land, I like the fact that it has an invisible flash to keep it from attracting any would-be thieves.

Daytime A700i Photos (editors note- Brians property had seen a lot of hunting prossure and didn’t receive much activity. Not the cameras fault.)

Nighttime A700i Photos

A700i Trigger Speed

The camera boasts a 0.7-second trigger speed, so you don’t run into issues with getting blank photos or just the back half of a deer as it walks by your camera, which is essential when you have to rely on running cameras on trails, pinch points, and mock scrapes.

A700i Battery Life and Moultrie Mobile Modem Compatibility

Battery usage is still an unknown at this point, as I haven’t run through enough images to make a dent in the first set of eight AAs, but Moultrie estimates you’ll get around 7,000 photos on a set of batteries. Like most Moultrie models made after 2015, the A700i is compatible with the Moultrie Mobile modem, so you could easily turn this camera into a fully-functional cell camera if you like.

Moultrie A700i Trail Camera Review Summary

Overall, I think the Moultrie A700i is going to be a great addition to my public land trail camera arsenal. At a retail price of $109.99 (meaning you can likely find it for less than $100) and with a 2-year warranty, you can’t go wrong. While I’ll probably continue to run some of the $30 Tascos to cover more ground, these Moultries will come in handy in areas where I want higher quality images or videos of particular bucks. I’ll just make sure these are well hidden with a cable lock in place!


  • High Quality Photos on a Budget
  • Super Easy Setup
  • Compact Design
  • No Glow Flash
  • Moultrie Modem Compatible
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Not as Cheap as the Walmart Tasco

Ready to buy? The Moultrie A700i is sold out in many stores, however, you can save a lot over the retail price by getting your trail camera on Amazon or eBay.

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