MPOWERD Luci Base Light Review

Torin Miller

I didn’t expect to like the Luci Base Light from MPOWERD as much as I do. After all, how much joy can a lantern bring to the world? Well, as it turns out, quite a bit.

I was initially intrigued by the Luci Base Light after reading good reviews online from reputable sources. At its core, the Luci Base Light is an inflatable LED lantern. That’s right, the body, or globe, of the lantern, is actually inflated by mouth. This feature provides multiple benefits. First, the light has the ability to pack-up incredibly small when deflated. You’re left with a package that’s about one inch tall and six inches in diameter. Second, the inflatable plastic globe results in an impressive light in an ultra-lightweight package. MPOWERD advertises the Luci Base Light at 10.1 ounces. My scale puts the unit at 10 ounces exactly. Finally, the inflatable globe results in excellent dispersion of the 360 lumens produced by the 31 warm, white LEDs.

mpowerd lights review
MPOWERD Luci Base Light

Extending the day into night. With 360 lumens, mobile charging, and lasting up to 50 hours on a single charge, Luci Base Light is a must-have for any adventure.

Price: $44.95 (Discount Codes Frequently Available)

• Mobile charging + power bank
• 360 lumens
• Warm white LEDs
• Adjustable base strap
• Lasts 50 hours on a single charge
• Recharge via solar panel or quick charge via USB

The Perfect Amount of Light for All Camp Actvities

This lantern puts out some light! It has four different light settings: low, medium, high, and flashing. I’ve found that the medium setting is the setting is perfect for most occasions. It provides enough light to fill a tent comfortably and is ideal for getting dressed in the morning, cooking after a long day in the field, or reading in your sleeping bag. The low setting is perfect for quickly finding large items in the dark or finding the tent zipper. It’s also pleasant for a touch of light when detailed tasks aren’t necessary. The high setting requires sunglasses! Just kidding, but the high setting is more than sufficient to light up a campsite. In fact, I tested it during an after-dark game of cards at camp, and it worked wonderfully. The light can simply be placed on the ground or a table, or you can use the adjustable strap to hang it from a branch or a tent pole.

Best Battery Powered Camp Light
portable light and charger for hiking

Long Lasting Battery Will Also Charge Your Phone!

Fortunately, the Luci Base Light does not take batteries, which also reduces weight. Its built-in 4000 mAh Li-ion battery can be charged in two ways: via a USB (5-6 hours) or via the solar panel built-in to the top of the unit (28 hours). I’ve found these charge times to be pretty accurate. But, a single charge lasts a long time. MPOWERD says up to 50 hours. I tested the lantern on the medium setting and got about 12 hours of continuous light. In addition to powering the lantern’s LEDs, the Li-ion battery can also be utilized as a power bank to charge electronics, such as your cellphone or GPS. Anytime a piece of gear serves double-duty, I’m all about it.

Luci Base Light Negatives

There are two features of the Luce Base Light that I’m not entirely impressed with. First, the long charge time via the solar panel is disappointing – 28 hours is a long time. During my testing, I kept the lantern in full, direct sunlight as much as possible, and that charge time is still pretty accurate. However, it is a helpful supplement to the USB charge. I suspect that if strapped to the outside of a pack, or placed outside of a tent, during the day, the unit will pick up enough charge to nearly replace the battery power consumed the previous night. The other feature of the lantern that leaves something to be desired is its temperature operating range. MPOWERD lists the operating range as 32ºF – 113ºF. In the backcountry, hunters and hikers are sure to experience temperatures outside of these ranges. So, keep that in mind if you do a lot of desert or cold-weather camping.

MPOWERD light review

MPOWERD Luci Base Light Review Summary

Overall, the packable and lightweight design of the Luce Base Light makes it an excellent option for hunters and backpackers. It’s a powerful, hands-free light that is easily packed and hardly noticed. The lantern fits the bill for nearly all hunting and camping needs. The range of output settings is perfect for tasks ranging from finding your pillow to providing enough hands-free light to field dress your harvest. The Luci Base Light by MPOWERD will have a permanent place in, or on, my pack for any overnight trips. Its usage will inevitably extend to more domestic projects and gatherings.


  • Pack Incredibly Small
  • Lightweight
  • Very Bright
  • Four Light Settings
  • Charges Your Phone
  • Long Battery Life
  • Recharges with Solar Panel


  • Long Solar Charge Time- 28 Hours
  • Only rated 32F to 113F, Which Could Limit Use in Some Climates

Ready to buy? You can purchase directly from MPOWERD and take advantage of their frequent promo codes. They also offer a wide variety of other lights and camping accessories.

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