Ovis Sacks Lightweight Game Bags Review

Torin Miller

As a life-long Pennsylvanian, I’ve spent my share of time hunting whitetail bucks in the steep and rugged mountains of the state’s northern tier. What our mountains lack in elevation, they make up for in steepness and overall ruggedness. Of course, we have our share of farmland and flatlands, particularly in the southern and eastern parts of the state. But it’s the northern tier that draws me. Thousands of acres of contiguous, timbered public lands provide a level of adventure that folks typically expect is only available in our great western states. Over the last few years, I’ve learned that with some specialized gear, and a lot of determination, an Easterner can enjoy a true backcountry experience. After enjoying these experiences, and relatively consistent success, I’ve narrowed down a gear list adapted to a daylong or overnight backcountry eastern whitetail hunter. A key item on that list is the Ovis Sacks Lightweight Game Bags from BlackOvis.

Game Bags Review
BlackOvis Sacks Lightweight Game Bags

Ovis Sacks are lightweight reusable game bags that allow your hard earned wild game meat to properly cool off while keeping it free from flies, debris and dirt as you transport it from the field to the freezer.

  • Each Kit Contains: 4 quarter bags, 1 meat parts bag, 40′ flagging tape, 2 pair of Latex gloves, 5′ x 3′ 1, plastic sheet, 1 storage bag
  • Strong draw cord for reliable hanging
  • Material: Taslan Nylon
  • Breathable, durable, and stain resistant material
  • Reflective strip encircles entire game bag

Backcountry Hunters Need Tough, Lightweight Game Bags

If a backcountry hunter does find success, he or she will most likely have to quarter or debone the harvest and carry the bounty out on his or her back. Even if the vehicle or trailhead is relatively close, this method is often much easier and doesn’t take much more time, than a traditional gut-and-drag approach. Two key gear items make hauling out your harvest much more efficient and enjoyable: a quality load-hauling pack and tough, yet lightweight, game bags. After packing out multiple big woods whitetails this past season, I realized how much I truly appreciate the Ovis Sacks Lightweight Game Bags.

What’s Included in a Ovis Sacks Game Bags Kit?

These super-tough, and ultralight, Taslan nylon bags are used for hauling out quarters and/or deboned meat. The bags come in a kit that includes four larger quarters bags, a smaller ‘meat parts’ bag, as well as 40’ of orange flagging tape, two pairs of standard latex gloves, a thin, plastic sheet for laying out and organizing meat and a nice stuff sack to store it all. With everything in the stuff sack, the whole kit is about the size of a softball and weighs about a pound and a half. To make the kit a complete kill-kit, simply throw a folding, replaceable-blade knife into the stuff sack and you’re ready to go.

Ovis Sacks

Two Bags Size Options to Match Your Quarry

Ovis Sacks are offered in two sizes: extra large and large. The extra large bags are ideal for larger game such as elk, caribou, and moose, while the large sacks are perfect for deer and antelope. I’m running the large bags for whitetails, and the size is perfect. I place one quarter in each of the four quarter bags, and the backstraps and other deboned cuts go in the ‘meat parts’ sack. Our mountain bucks are no small critters, but the large bags still have plenty of room for all the meat you could physically carry.

Lightweight Taslan Nylon is Tough

As mentioned, the bags are made of Taslan Nylon, which is a “breathable, durable, and stain resistant material.” I’ve certainly found this to be true. The openings of the bags are equipped with a strong drawcord, which I found perfect for hanging off of nearby limbs to keep the meat off the ground. Elevation allows the meat to cool down and breathe – especially important in warm weather. Additionally, the bags have helpful fluorescent orange and reflective strips that encompasses the entire circumference of the bag. They allow hunters to locate their stash in the dark or snowy conditions.

Ovis Lightweight Sacks Review

Stain-Resistant and Easy to Clean

Besides being impressed with the completeness of the kit and the overall quality of the bags, I was incredibly impressed with the stain resistant nature of the bags. This past season, I harvested a nice mountain buck in Pennsylvania’s northern tier and packed him out. Of course, the bags were soiled with blood. But, as soon as I returned home, I turned the bags inside-out and sprayed them with a stain remover. I let the stain remover do its thing for about five minutes and then threw the bags into the washer. When the cycle was complete, I was amazed to find that the bags looked like new. You would never know that they had carried out a whole bucks-worth of meat just hours earlier. Then, to add to my amazement, my brother and I packed out a whitetail doe the very next day in the same bags. I instructed my brother to use the same cleaning method as he processed his meat, and again, the bags were as white and stain-free as when I first opened the package. 

Ovis Sacks Lightweight Game Bags Review Summary

Quality, reusable game bags are not cheap, so durability and stain resistance is incredibly important. Ovis Sacks Lightweight Game Bags fit the bill. Speaking of the bill, the large bags sell on Black Ovis with an MSRP of $74.99. However, they’re often on sale for $59.95 (XL bags- $69.96). If you are motivated to do so, you can often find these bags discount at Camofire.com for about $40. If you’re a backcountry hunter, someone who has a long hike into your stand location, or just someone who wants to learn how to quarter and pack-out big game, I can’t recommend these game bags enough. BlackOvis nailed it with a quality product at an awesome price.


  • Tough and Lightweight
  • Stain Resistant
  • Ample Size for Most Game


  • Quality Game Bags Aren’t Cheap

Ready to buy? Ovis Sacks are made and sold by BlackOvis. If you have time before your hunt, you might be able to save some money if they are listed on sale at Camofire, which is a daily deal website.

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Growing up in the heart of Central Pennsylvania provided Torin Miller with every incentive necessary to pursue a life engorged in the natural world. With a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, and the current pursuit of an M.S. in the same field and a J.D. in Environmental Law, he has a deep appreciation for wildlife, wild places and the wild-at-heart people that love these things as much as he. Archery hunting for mountain whitetails is his absolute passion, but he also enjoys hunting turkeys and waterfowl. Surrounded by some of the best trout waters in the world, Torin enjoys fly-fishing his local streams and enjoys kayaking these streams throughout the summer, too.

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