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Peak Refuel Meals for Backcountry Hunting Review

Moriah Boggess

While planning my first elk hunting trip this fall, there were many new gear purchases needed and preparations to be made. Among the most important of these was backcountry meal planning for my hunt. The hunt was going to be nine days long, and we would be backpacking several miles into a national forest in Northeast Utah to set up camp, from which we would hike and hunt. Because of the challenges of our backpacking hunt, we needed to keep our gear weights low to conserve our energy. Another important consideration was that we bring enough food. This is where Peak Refuel Meals were critical.

Peak Refuel Backpacking Meals

  • 100% Real Meat
  • Made in the USA
  • Premium Ingredients
  • High-Protein

Breakfast- Mountain Berry Granola, Strawberry Granola, Breakfast Skillet

Entrees- Homestyle Chicken & Rice, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Terriaki Rice, Chicken Alfredo, Three Bean Chili Mac, Beef Chili Mac, Chicken Pesto Pasta, Beef Pasta Marinara, Sweet Pork & Rice

Meal Planning for a Backcountry Hunt

After studying up on nutritional demands while camping and hiking the backcountry, I realized the challenge would be getting enough fats and carbs while keeping pack weight low. I determined my daily meal plan needed to total around 3,200 calories. I was excited to receive an assortment of breakfast and supper entrees from Peak Refuel for review. I was really impressed that, unlike many competitors, Peak Refuel uses 100% real meat with no fillers and non-GMO ingredients.

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My Peak Refuel Choices for Backcountry Meals

For breakfast, I planned a Peak Refuel strawberry granola or breakfast skillet meal. I ate snack items throughout the day, including trail mix, crackers, tuna, and cookies that I could eat while on the move. Each day was concluded with a Peak Refuel dinner entree, consisting of chicken alfredo, beef stroganoff, and chicken teriyaki rice.

My Opinion of Peak Refuel Meals

Overall, I was very impressed with Peak Refuel meals for their ease of use, short prep time, and tasty flavors. You can’t expect a 5-star meal when you are eating re-hydrated food from a pouch, but these meals do a great job of being appetizing, After a long day of hunting, you will eat them to the very last bite. My favorite breakfast item was the Peak Refuel Strawberry Granola meal because you could add cold (or hot) water, and it was ready and delicious within a minute or so. My favorite dinner item was the Peak Refuel Chicken Alfredo Pasta.

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backcountry hunting meals review

I have fond memories of sitting on a rock eating this meal at midnight, halfway through quartering out my bull and cow. I’ll forever associate the flavors with the satisfaction of the successful hunt. It was an essential meal as I refueled from a day of hunting and prepared for a four-mile twilight hike back to camp with my first load of meat.

Peak Refuel Meals Review Summary

The only downside is that the packaging is a little bulky. While there is no excess airspace in the bags, they are a bit larger than the food they contain. It’s worth noting that all backpacking meal manufactures follow this same design, and much of the excess space is used for food expansion when water is added. Each meal costs about the same as a cheap dinner out. You can also save some money by purchasing in bulk. If you are researching meals for the backcountry or just want something fast and easy for a camping trip, these meals are a great choice. Peak Refuel meals will help you fill your nutritional needs and taste great.

Ready to buy? You can find Peak Refuel Meals on Amazon and BlackOvis offers free shipping and a free hat if you order over $75.

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  • Wide Variety of Delicious Flavors
  • Meals Fill Backpacking Nutritional Needs
  • Meals Fill Backpacking Nutritional Needs
  • 100% Meat with No Fillers and Non-GMO Ingredients
  • Very Fast to Prepare
  • Very Fast to Prepare


  • Packaging Contains Extra Space

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