Tactacam Reveal X Cellular Trail Camera – $99.99 (Best Price on the Web)

best price tactacam reveal x cell cam

Look for this model to be discontinued after the release of the Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2.0 on June 1, 2022.  For more information on the Reveal X 2.0, click the link.  This is a great camera, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of the discounted prices on the Reveal X (Gen 1) while supplies last.

Where can I find the Reveal X by Tactacam in stock?
Interested in learning more about the Reveal XB cellular trail camera?

Check out our gear review of the Reveal XB by Tactacam.  Here’s a quick summary, it’s my favorite cellular trail camera out right now!

When will the Tactacam Reveal X be available?

The Reveal X by Tactacam has finally been released but retailers are selling out as soon as products hit the shelf.   Hunting Gear Deals will help you locate these cameras as soon as they’re released, so be sure to sign-up for our Daily Deal email, so that you never miss a deal and you don’t miss out on picking up the new Reveal X by Tactacam!  My advice, if you find them in stock, buy them because you’re going to want more when hunting season rolls around and you’ll regret passing up the opportunity when it presents itself.

Details and Features of the Tactacam Reveal X Cellular Trail Camera
  • LTE / 4G Wireless Module
  • Sub 1/2s Trigger Speeds
  • Adjustable Night Illumination at 96+ft capable of detecting animals at 96+ft
  • Image on Demand with HD photo download request from mobile app
  • Requires 12 AA Batteries
  • IP66 Waterproof Certified
  • External Port for Solar Panel
  • One Year Warranty
  • On-board Wi-Fi connects to APP for simple set-up and live view option with instant image capture
  • Verizon or AT&T Nationwide 4G LTE Network
  • LED indicator showing signal strength and battery level
  • Uploads thumbnail images with HD image requests
  • Month-to-Month Data plans
  • No Contracts/Activation fees
  • Requires Full-Size Class 10 U3 SD Card, 16GB-32GB
What data plan is best for the Tactacam Reveal X Cellular Trail Camera
  • Pro Plan – Unlimited photos – $13 per month – $120 per year – Discounts are available for multiple cameras
  • Intermediate Plan – 500 photos per plan – $8 per month – $85 per year- Discounts are available for multiple cameras
  • Starter Plan – 250 Photos per camera – $5 per month – $55 per year – Discounts are available for multiple cameras
Protect your investment with a security box designed specifically for the Reveal X by Tactacam!

Don’t skimp on the batteries!  Be sure to pick up some extra Energizer Lithium AA batteries!  Amazon prices fluctuate like the wind.  If just have to have one right now, then you can pick one up on Amazon, but you’re going to overpay compared to other online retailers.  Too bad the competition is out of stock.  Is the camera worth more than the retail price?  Maybe to the right person but if you’re patient, we will try to find you a deal as soon as they’re back in stock.

How much will the Reveal X by Tactacam cost?

Prices are rumored to start around $139.99 for the new Reveal X by Tactacam, but some retailers may have them for as low as $119.99!  Last year, the original Reveal by Tactacam took the hunting industry by storm and the Reveal X is changing the cellular trail camera industry!  The low price and dependability of this camera earned its place in the cellular trail camera market and the supply of cameras never caught up with the demand.  In fact, I’ve seen the original Reveal by Tactacam Cell Cam sell for double the retail price, and used prices are bringing higher prices than the original retail price!  Be sure to check out our user-submitted review on the original Tactcam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera here.

  • Deal expires at EXPIRED
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