Tactacam Reveal X Cellular Trail Camera – In Stock Soon

best price tactacam reveal x cell cam

When will the Tactacam Reveal X be available?

Rumor has it, the Tactacam Reveal X will be released in May 2021.  Hunting Gear Deals will help you locate these cameras as soon as they’re released, so be sure to sign-up for our Daily Deal email so that you never miss a deal and you don’t miss out on picking up the new Reveal X by Tactacam!

How much will the Reveal X by Tactacam cost?

Prices are rumored to start around $119.99 for the new Reveal X by Tactacam, but some retailers may have them for as low as $99.99!  Last year, the original Reveal by Tactacam took the hunting industry by storm!  The low price and dependability of this camera earned its place in the cellular trail camera market and the supply of cameras never caught up with the demand.  In fact, I’ve seen the original Reveal by Tactacam Cell Cam sell for double the retail price, and used prices are bringing higher prices than the original retail price!  Be sure to check out our user-submitted review on the original Tactcam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera here.

Details and Features of the Tactacam Reveal X Cellular Trail Camera

To be determed!  This cellular trail camera will be available in two cellular networks:  Verizon and AT&T.  Data plans start as low as $4 per month.  The Reveal X cellular trail camera is powered by ____ batteries and capable of taking ____ MP images. (TBD)

Once the Reveal X is released, check out these online retailers.

Don’t skimp on the batteries!  Be sure to pick up some extra Energizer Lithium AA batteries!  Amazon prices fluctuate like the wind.  If just have to have one right now, then you can pick one up on Amazon, but you’re going to over-pay compared to other online retailers.  Too bad the competition is out of stock.  Is the camera worth more than the retail price?  Maybe to the right person but if you’re patient, we will try to find you a deal as soon as they’re back in stock.

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