Tactacam Reveal SK Cellular Trail Camera – Expected Early to Mid November

when will the reveal SK by Tactacam be released
Where can I find the Reveal SK by Tactacam in stock once it’s released?  how much with the tactacam reveal sk be available


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When will the Tactacam Reveal SK be available?

The Reveal SK by Tactacam is rumored to be released early to mid November.   Just like everything else in the world, the “C” word has delayed progress and previous release dates continue to be pushed back.  Let’s hope things go as planned for November.  Tactacam has done an outstanding job handling the pandemic and has really risen to the top during this situation.  Hunting Gear Deals will help you locate these cameras as soon as they’re released, so be sure to sign-up for our Daily Deal Email, so that you never miss a deal and you don’t miss out on picking up the new Reveal SK by Tactacam!

Details and Features of the Tactacam Reveal SK Cellular Trail Camera
  • Solar panel and rechargeable LiPo battery pack included
  • Single module operates on both AT&T and Verizon Nationwide 4G LTE Networks
  • Easy-to-use app for requesting Image on Demand with HD photo download
  • 24MP / 12MP / 8MP photos
  • Sub 1/2-second trigger speeds
  • Detect animals at 96’+
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery pack included
  • Includes solar panel for prolonged battery life
  • Optional use of 12 AA batteries
  • LED indicator shows signal strength and battery level
  • IP66 waterproof certified
  • External port for solar panel
  • On-board WiFi connects to app for simple setup and live view options
  • Month-to-month data plans (No contracts/activation fees)
  • Requires Class 10 SD card between 2GB – 32GB
What data plan is best for the Tactacam Reveal SK Cellular Trail Camera?
  • Pro Plan – Unlimited photos – $13 per month – $120 per year – Discounts are available for multiple cameras
  • Intermediate Plan – 500 photos per plan – $8 per month – $85 per year- Discounts are available for multiple cameras
  • Starter Plan – 250 Photos per camera – $5 per month – $55 per year – Discounts are available for multiple cameras
  • Will you need two data plans, one for both AT&T and one for Verizon?  To be determined
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Don’t skimp on the batteries!  Be sure to pick up some extra Energizer Lithium AA batteries!  Amazon prices fluctuate like the wind.  If just have to have one right now, then you can pick one up on Amazon, but you’re going to overpay compared to other online retailers.  Too bad the competition is out of stock.  Is the camera worth more than the retail price?  Maybe to the right person but if you’re patient, we will try to find you a deal as soon as they’re back in stock.

How much will the Reveal SK by Tactacam cost?

Prices are rumored to be $199.99 for the new Reveal SK by Tactacam, but some retailers may have them for as low as $179.99!  Earlier this year, the Reveal X by Tactacam took the hunting industry by storm and they sold like wildfire!  The question remains if the Reveal SK will be embraced with as much interest with the higher price point that comes with the added features.  If you’re interested in saving money, check out the Reveal X by Tactacam.

What Is The Difference between the Reveal X and Reveal SK?

The main difference you’ll notice between the new Tactacam Reveal SK is a dual antenna and a built-in Solar Panel.  The dual antenna system allows this camera to function on both the AT&T network and the Verizon network.  I’m unsure how this works with data plans and if it will actually utilize both carrier’s networks at the same time but it’s nice only needing to buy one model regardless of the location that you’re in.  The solar built-in panel should increase battery life in the field and the ability to receive videos directly to your phone is long overdue!  I expect this camera to be another homerun!

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