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Did you know that the new Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2.0 is scheduled to be released on June 1, 2022.  For more information on the Reveal X 2.0, click the link.  Should you by the Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2 or Tactacam Reveal XB?  The prices are the same and they’re basically the same camera with different flashes.  If you prefer a black flash, go with the XB.  That’s what I did and I’m running a bunch of them this year.

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s has the best price on the web right now for the Reveal XB.  The Reveal XB is my favorite cellular trail camera on the market right now and at this price, you’ll be thankful that you made the investment in this cellular camera.  Check out our review of the Reveal XB by Tactacam.
Where can I find the Reveal XB by Tactacam in stock?
What’s new with the Reveal XB?  
  • On Demand HD photos on the mobile app
  • Operates on both AT&T and Verizon networks (will need to change SIM cards between each company)
  • Ability to request video from the App
  • No Glow IR Flash

Looking for a cheaper model?  Then check out the Reveal X by Tactacam!  If you need a solar powered cell cam, then check out the Reveal SK.

When will the Tactacam Reveal XB be available?

The Reveal XB by Tactacam is rumored to be released early to mid-November.   Just like everything else in the world, the “C” word has delayed progress and previous release dates continue to be pushed back.  Let’s hope things go as planned for November.  Tactacam has done an outstanding job handling the pandemic and has really risen to the top during this situation.  Hunting Gear Deals will help you locate these cameras as soon as they’re released, so be sure to sign-up for our Daily Deal Email, so that you never miss a deal and you don’t miss out on picking up the new Reveal XB by Tactacam!

Details and Features of the Tactacam Reveal SK Cellular Trail Camera

• LTE / 4G Wireless Multi Carrier Module
• 24MP/ 16MP/ 12MP/ 8MP Photos
• Image on Demand with HD photo download request from app (additional data charges may apply)
• HD video requests from app (additional data charges may apply)
• No Glow IR Technology effectively eliminates all visible flash
• Sub 1/2s Trigger Speeds
• Adjustable No Glow Night Illumination at 80+ft
• Detect animals with PIR at 80+ft
• Integrated GPS offers camera location tracking
• Requires 12 AA Batteries
• External Port for Solar Panel
• IP66 Waterproof Certified
• One Year Warranty
• In-house Customer Service
• USA developed and supported app

Cellular Functions and Capabilities of the Reveal XB by Tactacam

• On-board Wi-Fi connects to app for simple set-up and live view option with instant image capture
• Reveal XB can operate on ATT or Verizon nationwide LTE/4G Networks (SIM change required)
• LED indicator showing signal strength and battery level
• Schedule or immediate image uploads
• Uploads thumbnail images with HD image requests (Additional data charges may apply)
• Request Videos (Additional data charges may apply)
• Create and manage pictures in folders
• Month-to-Month Data plans
• No Contracts/Activation fees
• Activate cameras only when you need them
• Easy to use mobile app with daily camera status reports
• Requires Full Size Class 10 U3 SD Card, 16GB-32GB

What data plan is best for the Tactacam Reveal SK Cellular Trail Camera?
  • Pro Plan – Unlimited photos – $13 per month – $120 per year – Discounts are available for multiple cameras
  • Intermediate Plan – 500 photos per plan – $8 per month – $85 per year- Discounts are available for multiple cameras
  • Starter Plan – 250 Photos per camera – $5 per month – $55 per year – Discounts are available for multiple cameras
  • Will you need two data plans, one for both AT&T and one for Verizon?  To be determined
Protect your investment with a security box designed specifically for the Reveal SK by Tactacam!

Don’t skimp on the batteries!  Be sure to pick up some extra Energizer Lithium AA batteries!  Amazon prices fluctuate like the wind.  If just have to have one right now, then you can pick one up on Amazon, but you’re going to overpay compared to other online retailers.  Too bad the competition is out of stock.  Is the camera worth more than the retail price?  Maybe to the right person but if you’re patient, we will try to find you a deal as soon as they’re back in stock.

How much will the Reveal XB by Tactacam cost?  $149.99
What Is The Difference between the Reveal X and Reveal XB?

The main difference you’ll notice between the new Tactacam Reveal XB is the ability for this camera to function on both the AT&T network and the Verizon network simply by changing the SIM cards.  I expect this camera to be another home run so you better hurry and pick some up as soon as they’re available.  Update: This is the best cellular trail camera I’ve ever owned.

  • Deal expires at EXPIRED
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